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Follow up to Minister Bishop letter on audio recording of Yassmin Abdel-Magied's Anzac Day plans


(Julie Bishop with more important things to worry about)

It's now 3 weeks since I wrote to Minister Bishop with the audio recording of Ms Abdel Magied talking about the serious consequences that would flow to anyone rubbishing Anzac Day.

Given the Minister did not consider the recording in her decision to retain Abdel Magied as an advisor to the Government, I'd have hoped for at least the courtesy of a reply.

Characteristically there has been no response or acknowledgement of my note from Ms Bishop.

Ms Abdel Magied gets the benefits of her bad behaviour - with a mentor now provided to help her "develop".

We get snubbed by our own government.

I've written to Prime Minister Turnbull, the Secretary of BISHOP's department and to the original complainant in this matter Senator Eric Abetz as well.

Here's my email to Senator Abetz.


Michael Smith

12:27 PM (1 minute ago)
to senator.abetz
Dear Senator,
Thank you for your care and attention to the matter of Ms Abdel Magied and her suitability for retention on Australian Government advisory boards.
On 23 May 2017 I published an audio recording of Ms Abdel Magied speaking about the special place Anzac Day holds in the Australian pysche and the serious consequences for rubbishing it.  
Ms Abdel Magied made those comments on 10 September 2016, 7 months prior to her purportedly unintended offence to our country through her Anzac Day social media post.  The recording shows Ms Abdel Magied knew precisely what she was doing on Anzac Day and that her apologies and superficial remorse are quite hollow and meaningless.
On 24 May 2017 I wrote to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to bring this new information to her attention.
I also copied the media unit at DFAT on the correspondence to the Minister.
I have not received any response from DFAT or its Minister.
This new information was not included in the Minister's initial assessment in favour of retaining Ms Abdel Magied on the Council for Australian Arab Relations. Given the Minister's reliance on the purported sincerity of Ms Abdel Magied's apology, I'd have hoped the Minister would review her decision and advise us of the result.
At the least, perhaps you'll have more luck than me in having your parliamentary correspondence to Ms Bishop acknowledged.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Smith