Gillard reveals she knew Bruce Wilson wasn't using Workplace Reform Association as his election fund
Gentlemen, The Regiment. The Royal Australian Regiment.

The Australian today - I was a stooge, I was their fall guy: Blewitt

UPDATE - I spoke with Ralph today from Perth International Airport on his way home to Malaysia.  

He is very upset about this story in The Australian and says he's been misquoted.  He says he spoke to the journalist yesterday about his concerns and was told another more complete article might appear today Saturday.  

He also tells me his wife Ruby recorded the conversation with the journalist - quite openly and with the journalist's permission.   The journalist recorded the conversation as well.

I can see a heap of factual inaccuracies in the story and several quotes from Ralph which surprised me and are different from what he's told me.

He's on a plane at the moment and I'll make arrangements to listen to his recording of the conversation before I do anything further.


Ralph and Ruby Blewitt in The Australian today.

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