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Penny Wong's speech on rejecting the same sex marriage plebiscite in the Senate today

Penny Wong went into the Senate Chamber today prepared for a bit of a show.

Media was given plenty of notice by Senator Wong's staff last night.

Date: 8 August 2017 6:56:42 pm AEST
Subject: Plebiscite debate

The Notice Paper for tomorrow tentatively lists the plebiscite first up (under the heading “Restoration of Bill to Notice Paper”)

That could mean we go straight into it at 9:30, if not, it may not come on until late in the afternoon.

When it does come on, there are 3 possibilities.

1.       If a majority of Senators want to kill it, they could force an immediate 2nd reading vote, and defeat it

2.       It could be debated in the normal course of events and voted on sometime tomorrow or Thursday

3.       Debate could be dragged out by lots of senators wanting to speak and amend.

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Office of Senator the Hon. Penny Wong

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

Senator for South Australia