Guantanamo Bay terrorist gets $2M compo from Brit Government & becomes suicide bomber

British man who launched Isil suicide attack was Guantanamo Bay detainee awarded £1m compensation

Bomber named by the group as Abu Zakariya al-Britani 
Bomber named by the group as Abu Zakariya al-Britani  

British Islamic State fighter who carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq this week is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was paid £1 million compensation by the government.

Jamal al-Harith, a Muslim convert born Ronald Fiddler who detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base near Mosul, was released from the US detention camp in 2004 and successfully claimed compensation after saying British agents knew or were complicit in his mistreatment.

He was freed following intense lobbying by Tony Blair’s Labour government.


Genius logic.

Michael Smith editorial on why the USA doesn't take Bishop et al seriously

Julie Bishop presses Mike Pence to think of Australia in Defence Review

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has held Australia’s most senior meeting yet with the Trump administration.
  • The Australian

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has pressed US Vice-President Mike Pence to consider Australia’s interests in their 30-day review of the US-led effort to defeat Islamic State in Australia’s most senior meeting yet with the Trump administration.

Ms Bishop said Mr Pence did not ask Australia to increase its military contribution to the fight against Islamic State in the one hour meeting in Washington early this morning.

But she said Australia wanted its point of view considered in the review.

“We discussed the fight against ISIS in general terms. There is a review in the United States under way, as to the strategy for defeating ISIS and I gave some input into the Vice-President’s thinking.

“We want to be part of the strategic thinking of the United States,” she said.

Ms Bishop said otherwise the talks included discussions of the coalition military effort in Afghanistan and China’s constructed islands in the South China Sea.

She also said she had invited Mr Pence to visit Australia.

“I think it’s important that a senior member of the Administration visit Australia and visit our region.

“I’m hoping that the Vice-President will also be able to visit Australia when he tours the region,” she said.

read more at The Australian

Julie Bishop fighting to keep trade agreement that's leaching money out of Australia

Trading with other countries is about making money.  Money means jobs.

More money for us is good.  More money for them is not as good.

Trade is not about press releases or trophies like "we have a free trade agreement".

It's about results.

Julie Bishop is a numb-skull.

Today she met with Vice President Mike Pence.

She was falling over herself to keep a trade agreement in place with the US.


What has it delivered for us?

Here are some quotes from The Australian's report:


Ms Bishop said it was likely US President Donald Trump would meet with Malcolm Turnbull this year.

With US President Donald Trump on the war path over trade worldwide, Ms Bishop was keen to impress that the US has a trade surplus with Australia to fend of any possible review.

“No, the Australia-US free trade agreement was not raised. As I’ve said previously, the United States enjoys a trade surplus in that free trade agreement.

“It’s been in place since 2005. It has benefited both our countries enormously and if there were to be a review of the Australia-US free trade agreement, I’m sure it would find that it has been of benefit to the United States,” she said.

Keen to impress that the US has what?  A trade surplus?

That means the US takes more money out of our economy than we take out of theirs.

Here are the statistics.

Australia    23 million people - $1.56 trillion domestic economy

USA  320 million people - $16.7 trillion domestic economy

And Julie Bishop is "keen to impress" that the US, 10 times our size, takes more money out of us than we do out of them.

She is a clown.

It's because of trade imbalances like this that Trump is "on the warpath" with China and others over jobs.

You see Julie, money talks and bullshit walks.

And you Julie are full of bullshit.

More selfies.  More celebrities.  And an airhead who does't know what she's doing.

Ken and barbie

Here are the stats from the US Census website since Bishop has been in the job.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.11.54 am


2016 : U.S. trade in goods with Australia 

NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding. Table reflects only those months for which there was trade.

Month Exports Imports Balance
January 2016  1,517.9  824.9  693.0 
February 2016  1,595.7  717.3  878.4 
March 2016  1,851.4  786.7  1,064.8 
April 2016  1,932.7  848.6  1,084.1 
May 2016  1,868.6  958.8  909.8 
June 2016  1,982.1  759.4  1,222.7 
July 2016  1,960.6  812.8  1,147.8 
August 2016  1,954.7  848.4  1,106.3 
September 2016  1,962.2  756.5  1,205.7 
October 2016  1,925.1  816.5  1,108.6 
November 2016  1,799.2  714.7  1,084.5 
December 2016  1,874.6  689.9  1,184.6 
TOTAL 2016 22,224.6 9,534.5 12,690.1

2015 : U.S. trade in goods with Australia 

NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding. Table reflects only those months for which there was trade.

Month Exports Imports Balance
January 2015  1,968.9  917.7  1,051.3 
February 2015  1,794.2  817.1  977.1 
March 2015  2,148.5  891.2  1,257.3 
April 2015  2,041.2  937.1  1,104.1 
May 2015  2,215.0  1,006.2  1,208.9 
June 2015  2,062.5  918.7  1,143.8 
July 2015  2,573.5  917.1  1,656.4 
August 2015  2,143.2  991.0  1,152.2 
September 2015  2,099.4  996.3  1,103.1 
October 2015  1,979.4  864.7  1,114.6 
November 2015  2,080.3  801.0  1,279.4 
December 2015  1,929.6  836.0  1,093.6 
TOTAL 2015 25,035.8 10,894.0 14,141.8

2014 : U.S. trade in goods with Australia 

NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding. Table reflects only those months for which there was trade.

Month Exports Imports Balance
January 2014  2,142.0  799.2  1,342.8 
February 2014  2,059.3  680.8  1,378.5 
March 2014  2,132.2  804.4  1,327.8 
April 2014  2,289.7  929.1  1,360.6 
May 2014  2,117.4  939.3  1,178.0 
June 2014  2,134.1  865.8  1,268.3 
July 2014  2,443.7  855.9  1,587.8 
August 2014  2,413.5  1,027.3  1,386.2 
September 2014  2,423.7  909.8  1,514.0 
October 2014  2,411.1  1,010.9  1,400.3 
November 2014  2,130.4  925.3  1,205.1 
December 2014  1,984.9  949.6  1,035.3 
TOTAL 2014 26,682.0 10,697.3 15,984.7

2013 : U.S. trade in goods with Australia 

NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding. Table reflects only those months for which there was trade.

Month Exports Imports Balance
January 2013  1,985.4  803.5  1,182.0 
February 2013  1,982.6  650.4  1,332.3 
March 2013  2,208.5  718.5  1,490.0 
April 2013  1,986.8  916.8  1,069.9 
May 2013  2,203.1  815.7  1,387.3 
June 2013  2,496.1  754.5  1,741.6 
July 2013  2,278.7  814.3  1,464.4 
August 2013  2,184.5  768.4  1,416.2 
September 2013  2,168.2  696.2  1,472.0 
October 2013  2,246.3  766.8  1,479.5 
November 2013  2,006.9  825.3  1,181.6 
December 2013  2,376.7  742.2  1,634.5 
TOTAL 2013 26,123.7 9,272.6 16,851.2

Marine le Pen shows Islamist suckhole Julie Bishop how it's done

‘Won’t cover myself up:’ Le Pen refuses headscarf, cancels on Lebanese Grand Mufti

‘Won’t cover myself up:’ Le Pen refuses headscarf, cancels on Lebanese Grand Mufti
French right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with the Lebanese Grand Mufti. In her statement, Le Pen said she would not cover herself up and cancelled the encounter.

Le Pen was scheduled to meet Sheikh Abdellatif Deriane, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, in his office in Beirut on Tuesday.

After arriving, Le Pen was asked to wear a headscarf, but refused. According to AFP, Le Pen was given a veil by Mufti’s aides. 

“You can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti, but I will not cover myself up,” Le Pen told reporters.  

She added that at a meeting with Egypt’s Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar (a prestigious Sunni Islam title), back in 2015, she wasn’t asked to wear a headscarf.

The Grand Mufti’s press office said that Le Pen had been informed beforehand of their requirement, Reuters reports.

The stunt still produced some praise on social media.

“Well done! You shouldn’t mix politics and religion,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Elle a bien fait; on ne mélange pas la politique et la religion 👍
Marine Le Pen refuse de porter le voile au Liban 

Photo published for Marine Le Pen refuse de porter le voile au Liban

Marine Le Pen refuse de porter le voile au Liban

La candidate du FN à la présidentielle est actuellement en visite au Liban pour soigner sa crédibilité internationale. Mais ce mardi, elle a préféré annuler une rencontre avec le Grand Mufti, plutôt...

“A woman is free and equal,” “Bravo,” “A woman does not have to hide her face in front of a man,”said others. 

Bravo à Marine Le Pen, une femme courageuse qui ne se soumet pas aux diktats des uns et des autres. Le voile... 


“There are those who speak about women’s rights and there are those who actually defend them. Marine Le Pen,” another person wrote.


Meanwhile, our international embarrassment continues.


Prime Minister Netanyahu welcome to Australia! From lovers of democracy and freedom.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Singapore on his way to Australia.

A couple of days ago some schmucks ganged up and put their names and fancy titles to an awful letter trying to make out that Prime Minister Netanyahu is unwelcome in our country.

In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth.

I don't have a fancy title.  I pride myself on that.  But I do speak with and I hope for the countless decent Australians who see Israel as a beacon of democracy, guts and hope for the Middle East and civilisation.

So Prime Minister welcome to Australia.


Michael Smith - former lance-corporal


PS - I hope my readers will simply drop in a comment in support of this message. Just your name, first name only if you like and something that matches the pretensions of the self-important in their message of unwelcome!

Compare and contrast @julie#celebrity#*bishop with President Trump's Nikki Haley, what a star!

What an absolute star on her first day in the job.

What a star!!!!

Now compare and contrast Nikki Haley with the former head of the UN Security Council Julie Bishop.

Yes, the woman who was in charge while this disgraceful behaviour on the part of the Security Council was developing.

The woman who is looking forward to co-chairing other UN bodies with Saudi Arabia, Julie Bishop.

It is rare, but becoming much more frequent, that I am embarrassed to be Australian.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 5.19.23 am

That is the difference between a star and a star-f*cker.

Ability, competence and integrity.

Australia gives Indonesia $365M this year while Indonesia is buying Russian fighter jets. Why?

I don't think many Australians will be impressed by Julie Bishop handing over $365M to Indonesia this year while Indonesia is buying Russian SU 35 fighter jets.

Why are we doing that Julie?

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 4.46.11 am


There's an excellent synopsis of developments at Defense Industry Daily here.

Indonesia’s AF Expresses Continued Interest in SU-35s

(click to view full)

Indonesia’s turn toward Russian fighters stemmed partly from necessity. Its 12 remaining F-16A/Bs and 16 remaining F-5E/F fighters experienced severe maintenance problems external link in the wake of a US embargo, triggered by the Indonesian military’s widespread human rights abuses in East Timor. Its 30+ single-seat Hawk 209 sub-sonic light combat aircraft, derived from the trainer jets the TNI-AU also operates, were the country’s only fighter alternative.

A $192 million contract began to address that in 2003, by buying 2 SU-27SK single-seat and 2 SU-30MK twin-seat multi-role fighters from Russia. Indonesia submitted a formal request to buy 24 used F-16s in 2011, but it isn’t backing away from its high-end Flanker fleet. In fact, the TNI-AU has steadily added more. Now, they’re reaching out to their neighbors for training and support.

Flankers for Indonesia’s Fighter Force

Sukhoi Flanker Family Customers
Flanker customers
(click to view full)

Indonesia’s TNI-AU has now ordered 16 SU-27 family fighters: 2 SU-27SK, 3 SU-27SKM, 2 SU-30MK, and 9 SU-30MK2.

The SU-27SKM and SU-30MK2 export variants are the result of parallel upgrade programs. They share many modifications, including the addition of digital cockpits with updated avionics, additional wing hardpoints, carrying capacity upgrades to 8,000 kg of weapons, a wider variety of weapon options, upgraded radars and ECM (Electronic CounterMeasures to jam enemy radars etc.), and in-flight refueling capability. 

These modifications change the SU-27SK from a dedicated air superiority fighter to a multi-role fighter and attack aircraft. The SU-30, which has always been multi-role, is simply improved. Both of the new variants share the Sukhoi Flanker family’s combination of long range, large payloads, and air to air performance that can match any American fighter except the F-22A Raptor. 

Those capabilities, and Russia’s policy of avoiding political conditions on its weapon sales, nudged Indonesia into a tilt toward Russia as a weapons supplier. A $192 million contract began to address the problems created by the US embargo in 2003, by buying 2 SU-27SK single-seat air superiority fighters and 2 SU-30MK twin-seat multi-role fighters through Rosoboronexport. 

The TNI-AU’s tily toward Russia continued, despite the lifting of the US embargo in November 2005Russia’s MAKS air show external link doesn’t have quite the international clout of Farnborough or Le Bourget, but the price and quality of modern Russian fighters ensures its place on the international circuit. For MAKS 2007, its top military contract came on opening day. Rosoboronexport State Corporation and the Republic of Indonesia signed a $355 million Memorandum of Understanding for 3 SU-27SKM and 3 SU-30MK2 Flanker family fighters, building on the 2003 deal, and taking the country’s ordered fleet to 10 planes. 

A month later, that purchase was followed by a $1.2 billion wish list of Russian submarines, armored vehicles, and armed helicopters. That wish list didn’t fully materialize, but the end of 2011 saw another 6 SU-30MK2s bought from Russia, bringing the fighter deals’ totals to 16 fighters and about $1.02 billion. 

Simulator training is currently a co-operative venture with the Chinese, but by 2014, Indonesia expects to have its own virtual training infrastructure.

It’s all part of an oil-fueled modernization drive, backed by increased military spending. For more on the strategic and procurement issues tied up in this purchase, see the Additional Readings section, below, for UPI analyst Martin Sieff’s “Jets for Jakarta: A Whole New Strategic Game For Australasia”, and Air Power Australia’s “Sukhoi Flankers: The Shifting Balance of Regional Air Power”.

Contracts & Key Events

FY 2016 – 2017


(click to view full)

February 19/17: An official from the Russian state-owned Rostec said that he believes that contracts for the Su-35 with the government of Indonesia will be signed external link “in the coming months.” Jakarta is in the midst of an investigation into their procurement of the Leonardo AW101 helicopter, with the first delivered unit currently being stored in a hangar external link at the Indonesian capital’s Halim Perdanakusuma air base pending the completion of the investigation. Photos of the plane have shown the helicopter surrounded by police tape.


President Trump's first month in office

I'd scale back a bit on the adjectives and let the verbs speak for themselves.


The White House

We are officially one month into President Donald J. Trump’s Administration, and it has been a very successful start.

President Trump has focused on jumpstarting job creation and saving taxpayers money, by withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and clearing roadblocks delaying the Keystone Pipeline's construction. Along with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, President Trump created the United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, to ensure that all Americans have ample opportunities in the workforce.

In a first step to unraveling the Obama-era regulations, President Trump signed two bills to roll back regulations and issued an executive order requiring that for every new regulation created, two must be eliminated.

President Trump has successfully coordinated with several companies to bring thousands of jobs back to America, and saved Americans over $700 million by negotiating lower costs for the F-35 fighters.

President Trump has also taken great strides in domestic security by signing executive orders that focus on reducing crime, restoring public safety, dismantling transnational criminal organizations and protecting our brave law enforcement officials.

Looking to national security, President Trump has directed his Secretary of Defense to devise a strategy to defeat ISIS, overseen the imposition of sanctions on more than 25 individuals and entities that threaten America's national security, and strategized with more than 30 foreign leaders about our shared security concerns.

Lastly, following on the impeccable legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Trump nominated the brilliant Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

President Donald J. Trump has spent the last month fulfilling promises and helping the American people. He's looking forward to the many more successful months and years of action to come.