Witness says Melbourne driver yelling 'Allah uh-Akhbar' while ploughing into people

From the offenders Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 4.39.31 am

My apologies for the quality of this video - this is a saved copy from my desktop after the original video (published by Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper crime reporter Andrea Hamblin) was removed apparently by her.  I publish it here not to prove the truth of what the witness heard, only he knows that, rather to prove the fact that he reported hearing it at the time.

I am disturbed at the idea news outlets would censor relevant news to suit an agenda.

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From Twitter - police helping a wounded pedestrian.

To all 33rd class Australian Army Apprentices - 40th year since enlistment commences now!

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This week marks the fortieth year since the 33rd class of Australian Army Apprentices marched in to Balcolmbe Barracks.

Looking back at old mates and memories it's pretty clear that the Army Apprentices School really was home to the cream of Australia's youth.

Trained hard, worked hard, played hard, done good those men!

To old mates from 5 Platoon B Company they were great times - we didn't realise then just how bloody good.  Nor did we know the strength of character that two years in the care of experienced soldiers, recently returned from war in Vietnam would instil in us.

To Sergeant Dave Mansfield RAInf and Sergeant Danny Brookes RAAC thanks for your leadership turning boys into men.

For those of us who've fallen, including the late David Francis Everett RAEME/SASR, Lest We Forget.

And to all my mates who signed a blank cheque to the value of their life - made out to Australia, thank you for your service.

It really was a privilege serving with you. 


Why do the Left hate Trump so much? His song should be music to their ears.

The bloated elites of The Left and their banker/corporate parasites thrive on the status quo.

Clinton/Gillard/Rudd/Obamas need an under-class.  It's an awful truth, but with no victims to exploit, there's no role for them.

Japan (a generation or two ago) and China have been ruthlessly efficient in educating and building the iving standards (mainly through importing jobs from places like Australia and America) of their people.

In this short video Donald Trump is talking about "The Great Anathema" to The Left.  Moving the USA from a donor state worried about how much cash it can dole out to a cash receiver position focussed on building the wealth of its own people.

That should be music to the ears of the US's poor.

But that's not what their exploiters like Obama/Clinton et al tell them.

Now why would that be?


Ray Hadley and Islam are direct threats to our implied right to freedom of speech

On 8 November 2016, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights was directed to enquire into whether the operation of Part IIA of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) (including sections 18C and 18D) imposes unreasonable restrictions on freedom of speech - here are the full terms of reference.

The inquiry is about whether 18C goes too far.  The terms of reference are clear - does 18C already impose unreasonable restrictions on freedom of speech.

Predictably, Islamists and their boosters have ignored the terms of reference.  The submissions from Muslim organisations call for an increase in the scope of 18C to include not just racial issues but religious insults.

They've already got beheading for insulting their prophet.  What more do they want?

Grand Mufti seeks Racial Discrimination Act cover for Muslims

Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.

  • The Australian

Australia’s Grand Mufti has called for Muslims to be given the same protections as ethnic groups under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, saying the law must be “strengthened”, not weakened, in the interest of minor­ities.

The push to broaden the act is already drawing criticism from conservative government MPs, with one Liberal senator warning it would be tantamount to creating a “national blasphemy law”.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the Grand Mufti since 2011, has added his voice to a growing backlash from community, relig­ious and ethnic groups against reforming section 18C, in a cam­paign that will test Malcolm Turnbull’s ­resolve to change the law.


Australia already suffers from a herd mentality in public discussion of issues.

With such little diversity of opinion we can ill afford further restrictions on what can and can't be discussed.

One issue the public should consider is the extent to which its interests are served by media outlets.

For years now Sydney has been diminished by the thuggish freeloading presence of Ray Hadley at 2GB.  Hadley inherits Alan Jones's audience and proceeds to decimate it over the following hours.

His personal insecurity and associated over-reactions to perceived personal threats do us all no good and some women particular harm.  

His presence is less than tolerable when his propensity to violence and intimidation is considered.  It was for good reason that Hadley's boss described him as a "psychopathic bully" in email evidence discovered during Hadley's bullying court appearances.

But the greater risk to us all is his oafish absence of intellect and judgement.

Hadley had me removed from 2GB in June 2014.

In answer to direct and unanticipated questions I made truthful and important on-air statements about Islam.  This ABC article accurately summarises what I said:

Radio presenter Michael Smith dumped after comments about the Prophet Mohammed


Sydney talkback radio host Michael Smith has been told he will no longer be filling in on 2GB after making controversial comments about the Prophet Mohammed.

The former 2UE presenter made the comments on Thursday during his regular guest spot with 2GB host Ben Fordham.

Smith said the founder of Islam was "a man who promoted the idea that it was OK to marry a six-year-old and consummate the marriage when the little girl was nine".

The broadcaster had been due to fill in for afternoons presenter, Chris Smith, from Monday for three weeks.

On Saturday he wrote on his website that 2GB program director David Kidd had called and cancelled the booking, telling him he could not "call a deity a paedophile".

Smith pointed out that he had made similar comments on 2UE in 2011, and had been acquitted of a complaint of inciting hatred and of factual inaccuracy by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Mr Smith said on his website he stood by his comments.


Here's Hadley's rant - not designed to promote the truth, expand the debate or uncover inaccuracies.  It was sly, conniving Hadley at his usual sneaky routine of taking a cheap shot at an adversary.

Sydney - you deserve better than this paper thin very bad impersonator.   How 2GB runs its rosters is a matter for it.  Free speech has a broader ownership base.

Ray Hadley's presence as one of very few public voice diminishes us. Hadley's time has past.

Justice Thomas Clarence to deliver VP oath of office using Reagan family bible

There are a few really terrific messages in this press release from the Trump inauguration website.

This is Justice Clarence Thomas.  You may see he is black.  And a Supreme Court Justice.   A Christian. A man of letters.   Former Ronald Reagan staffer.  Capable by the powers vested in his office of delivering the oath of office to create a Vice President of the United States.

Of all the foregoing, does one characteristic in Justice Thomas's makeup stand out as not a choice and not an achievement?  

To The Left being a black someone is a thing in itself.  A first black even better.  Thank goodness those days will soon be behind us.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 5.20.30 pm


January 15, 2017

Justice Clarence Thomas to Deliver Oath of Office to Mike Pence

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Clarence Thomas will administer the Oath of Office to Vice President-elect Michael R. Pence during the Inauguration Ceremony on January 20, 2017. The Vice President-elect also will become the first officeholder, since President Ronald Reagan, to take the oath using The Reagan Family Bible.

Justice Clarence Thomas to Administer Oath of Office to Vice President-elect Pence
“It will be my honor to take the Oath of Office to defend our Constitution from a man who has dedicated his life to the same noble pursuit,” said Vice President-elect Pence. “Justice Thomas was born into poverty in Pin Point, Georgia. From those humble beginnings, Justice Thomas went on to graduate from Holy Cross College and Yale Law School. He served in the Reagan Administration and was appointed to the federal bench in 1990 and the Supreme Court in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush. I have long admired Justice Clarence Thomas and deeply respect his judicial philosophy, dedication to the rule of law, and his historic service on the bench of our nation’s highest court.”

In October, 2016, Justice Thomas celebrated his 25th year on the Supreme Court, making him the longest serving African-American Justice in American history. On Friday, Justice Thomas will become the first African-American in history to administer the Oath of Office to the Vice President or President of the United States.

Vice President-elect Pence Becomes First, since Reagan, to Take Oath of Office with The Reagan Family Bible
“President Ronald Reagan placed his faith in a loving God and the goodness of our country. He set out to change a nation and in doing so, he changed the world. In the march of history, Ronald Reagan’s time in office was limited, but his legacy inspired a generation and will continue beyond,” said Vice President-elect Pence. “It will be humbling to enter office with President Donald Trump, standing next to my family, with my wife Karen holding the same Bible used by President Reagan when he took office.”

The Reagan Family Bible that Vice President-elect Pence will place his right hand upon was used by Ronald Reagan for his gubernatorial and presidential inaugurations. This marks the first time a person other than Reagan has used it at an inauguration. The Reagan Family Bible has never been out of the possession of the Reagan family or the Reagan Foundation, and is currently on permanent display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California. Because it is such a priceless artifact and requires special protection, Andrew Littlefair, one of President Reagan’s top White House aides, and who now serves on the Board of Trustees for the Reagan Foundation and Institute, will hand carry the Bible from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., where it will be put under lock and key.

When Vice President-elect Pence takes the oath, The Reagan Family Bible will be open to the same passage used during President Reagan’s inaugurations, and Pence often referenced toward the end of his remarks during the 2016 campaign:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14)



5 minutes on the economics and temperature reduction from the Paris climate agreement

It's not that complex.

5 minutes should see you reasonably well acquainted with the logic.

Understanding the psychos who signed up will take a hell of a lot longer than that.

Exhibit One.



Exhibit Two



And just to remind you what a piece of work each of them is - here's our story from November on the complete lunacy of sneaking in ratification of Paris just as Trump was announcing there'd be no more crazy money weather schemes.

US Government announces it's scrapping the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan

Main-qimg-f4477a77ebcf13d4e7f616cb10e90f6a-cThis sneaky bastard couldn't wait for just one more day.   Advancing the UN was more important than advancing Australia.

Just as we started learning about new US Government policy on climate crap and cheap energy for her people, the Make Australia Weak Again backward looking Government of Turnbull signed us up for new UN climate treaties out to 2020 and 2030.

The US Government is in transition moving towards the new settings right now.

So much for up with the play Chairman Mal and the Clinton Foundation's pet project Fashionable Julie.

10 November will be remembered as a day of conspicuous treachery from a master of that despicable art Turnbull.


(Bloody hell, we better get Paris and Kyoto signed before they wake up to the Trump policies) 

While backward looking Mal lines up with the IPCC, here's the new policy from the world's leading economy.

President Trump's administration declares

  • Energy is the lifeblood of modern society.
  • Energy is the industry that fuels all other industries.

President Trump will lift the restrictions on American energy.  The US Government will

  • scrap the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan
  • end the war on coal
  • rescind coal mining lease moratoriums
  • rescind the excessive Interior Department stream rule
  • conduct a top-down review of all anti-coal regulations issued by the Obama Administration
  • eliminate the highly invasive "Waters of the US" rule
  • scrap the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan and
  • scrap the Clean Power Plan 
  • prevent these unilateral plans from increasing monthly electric bills

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 5.53.40 am


The sexualisation of little girls

Malcolm Turnbull has dropped his two bob's worth into the Hijab/Niqab/Burka merry-go-round.

"We don't see a lot of burkhas in Australia, let's face it*."

I think he meant to add "not where I live anyway".  Slip out to Lakemba Mal.

The Muslim habit of wrapping up women so men don't want to rape them so much is in the news right now because of two very little girls who appeared in the club clothing on this multiculti celebration of anything different Victorian Government Australia Day billboard.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.57.33 pm

Remember the Grand Mufti with his tom cats and uncovered meat recreational raping teams.

It's the girls' fault if she made the bloke horny.

What a stupendously shocking thing to teach a little girl.  It's your fault darling - now go and get fat and ugly.

Here's the official line from fruit loop headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

This bloke is a fully accredited on the money Sheik.  Teaching the true way.

The risk of sexy looking girls arousing blokes starts at the age of TWO.


 Little girls wrapped up in Hijabs to avoid exciting men have no place in Australian culture.

The Victoria Government should get over itself and apologise for ever endorsing Mohammedan misogyny.

*( let's face it?  In the burkha? No pun probably intended, it is the man without the humour gland of whom we speak)"


WA Crime and Corruption Commission asked to adjudicate on the Gillard forgery

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.47.27 am




I understand that overnight, Ralph sent an email with the following report to the WA Corruption and Crime Commission and that it has acknowledged receipt of the report.


Dear Commissioner,

In late 1991/early 1992 I was the assistant secretary of the Australian Workers Union in West Australia.

Bruce Wilson was the branch secretary.  Wilson was involved in a deal with Carmen Lawrence’s government where the construction company Thiess was awarded a $60M odd contract to build the Dawesville Channel without any competitive tender.

Wilson and the AWU then national president Bill Ludwig did a deal with Thiess for Thiess to pay us$300K from that contract.  The money was intended to go into a separate account which was not part of the AWU’s normal finances.   Thiess wanted a separate legal entity for their auditors that would send them dodgy invoices and Thiess agreed to pay the money over in 36 monthly instalments - total of $300K.

Wilson asked me to put an ad in the West Australian, then to sign paperwork for the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner to incorporate the separate legal entity Thiess wanted to use to make the payments look legitimate.

On 23 April 1992 I lodged the paperwork.  A week or maybe more later I got a letter at home to say that my application to incorporate the association had been refused as the entity was ineligible for incorporation.

I know that Wilson and his lawyer girlfriend Julia Gillard pulled some strings and eventually the association called the AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc was incorporated.

I’m writing to you because I’ve recently been shown documents and I’ve seen the final report of the Trade Union Royal Commission into the Workplace Reform Association and the explanation about how that association was eventually incorporated is a total whitewash.  It is a cover up.  There is some very corrupt behaviour here involving senior people and I’d like you to get to the bottom of it please.

The story that Gillard told the Trade Union Royal Commission about me getting a memo from her and then changing rules and lodging paperwork etc is a complete and utter lie.  It did not happen.

I am prepared to tell the complete truth about my role in this corrupt activity, but I’m not going to stand idly by and see lies get the tick of approval.   Gillard is lying and the documents she says were sent to me are just plain lies too.  She’s created them as a cover up for what she really did.

After my 23 April application got knocked back, Gillard and Wilson hit the panic button.  We had already set up bank accounts, we’d been banking money, sending out invoices on letter head etc etc etc.

Gillard says there was an “enquiry” from the office of state corporate affairs about whether or not the AWU Workplace Reform Association was a trade union.   That is crap.  There was a knock-back, the application I put in got knocked back.

Then Gillard says she got a letter from Ray Neal, the corporate affairs commissioner at the time.   She says she wrote out this memo to me and that I somehow did the stuff she’s written about in the letter - the memo she told the Trade Union Royal Commission she sent to me is at the tail end of this note.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that I was never sent that memo.  I never wrote to the corporate affairs people.  I am a lousy writer, I have absolutely no idea about corporate laws and stuff.   That supposed memo to me is 100% crap, it was never sent to me, Gillard’s story about me taking on responsibility to get the Workplace Reform Association incorporated is just plain wrong.

And she knows it’s false because she put the real paperwork together, the stuff that went to Yvonne Henderson the then Minister who eventually ordered that the Workplace Reform Association be incorporated.  Gillard and Wilson did all that paperwork - now they are trying to pretend that a bloke (me) who couldn’t turn a bloody computer wordprocessing machine on let alone do a complex legal routine somehow got the association magically incorporated!

We paid Carmen Lawrence about $110,000 for her election campaign later in 1992.  The AWU was on the bones of its backside then financially, we were about $700,000 in the red already and what do you know?  Bill Ludwig and Wilson find a magic $110,000 for Carmen Lawrence’s campaign.

Strings were pulled at a very senior level to get the workplace reform association incorporated.  I can tell you it wasn’t old Ralph Blewitt and a memo from Gillard that did it.

Gillard’s memo to me was never sent to me.  I didn’t action it.  It’s not what it pretends to be.  It’s made up to cover up for something else - that something else is what Gillard/Wilson/Ludwig hobbled together to get Yvonne Henderson to order that the association be incorporated.

I’m happy to carry the can for what I’ve done.  I will not sit idly by and carry the can for utter fraudsters, cheats and liars like Gillard, Wilson and Ludwig.

Please help me to get the truth out.

Can you start please by finally making a finding 100% on this supposed letter from Ray Neal the acting corporate affairs commissioner.  He says he didn’t write it.  I never saw it at the time.  I never  did the supposed Rule 3A change.  I never received that Gillard memo.  I never actioned it.  The only person who says that the Ray Neal letter is legit is Gillard.

Please can you just investigate that letter.  I say it’s a forgery, it never happened at the time.

Ralph Blewitt

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 11.31.04 am Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 11.30.36 am