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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Journalists being held to account

I'm all for reporters having the freedom to ask politicians even the most uncomfortable of questions. 

We need our political leaders held to account.

The media's job is to be an early warning system but it should be held to account as well when it gets things wrong.


Give us back our ABC. Bring back our Aunty. Marxist cousins, not so much.

Diggers banned from having a drink in uniform on Anzac Day

You can fight in uniform.   You can prance in the Mardi Gras parade in uniform alongside all manner of costumes.   But if an old digger gives you a beer on Anzac Day and you're in uniform - "Escort and Accused, quick march, left, right, left, right - watch your fingers", SLAM!

Unimaginable - someone should ask this bloke how he feels about the raising of the glass.

If Channel 7's video doesn't appear below, click here for the story.




Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stu of NT on Barry's Red Red Wine

On 2GB with Glen Wheeler today

Here's a link to today's segment with Glen Wheeler.

Ben fordham show

Barry O'Farrell explains himself to colleagues

This letter was sent to all Government MPs a short time ago as Barry O'Farrell turned up at ICAC to give evidence. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.36.39 pm

ANOTHER UPDATE : This is the note that brought a Premier unstuck - elected in the biggest swing in Australian history.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.26.06 am

This note confirms that Barry O'Farrell DID receieve a $3000 bottle of wine as a gift that he said, under oath in the ICAC he had no recollection of getting. 

UPDATE: Here's a clearer view.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.55.05 am


UPDATE 1100 AEST: The note was obtained by ICAC overnight from the records of the man who sent O'Farrell the bottle Nick Di Girolamo. He had given contradictory evidence and they asked him to back up his claim. 

I understand that ICAC advised the O'Farrell's legal counsel of their possession of the note early this morning. 

This would have prompted O'Farrell's decision to advise of his resignation for misleading the ICAC

It was made public as an exibit of evidence as the corruption commission opened proceeding this morning. 

Barry O'Farrell has been recalled to the ICAC at 1200 in Sydney and offered a chance to correct his evidence. 

Lying under oath is a criminal offence.


Here's how it unfolded in ICAC this morning:

Counsel assisting the Commission Geoffrey Watson, SC opened saying, "There's been a pretty substantial development on a significant matter overnight."(this was after O'Farrell had resigned)

He then tendered three pages of evidence.

"One is an envelope addressed in we believe the handwriting of Mr O'Farrell... to Mr and Mrs Di Girolamo. The second page is a copy of the front of a card emanating from the NSW Parliament. The third is a note we believe in the handwriting of Mr O'Farrell and on the card issued from the office of the Premier of NSW thanking Mr and Mrs Di Girolamo for their gift, being a bottle of wonderful wine from 1959.

 UPDATE 11.35 AEST : 

ICAC says it receieved information regarding the existence of the thank you note from Nick Di Girolamo's lawyer at 9.15am this morning. 


BARRY O'Farrell resigns as NSW premier because he misled ICAC

"I've had a massive memory fail"

"I can't explain the circumstances of what happened"

He confirms that he wrote a thank you note for a gift he told ICAC yesterday he did not receive.

More to come


NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell calls snap press conference STAY TUNED

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