Latest War&Peace gospel/sermon from the mount by Daniel Andrews

210919 - Victoria’s Roadmap-Delivering The National Plan

210919 - Victoria’s Roadmap-Delivering The National Plan

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For more vomit-inducing word-salad:

For more information on Victoria’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan visit

Joel Fitzgibbon & the problem with the people in Labor.


Joel Fitzgibbon is getting out and, in one paragraph, he sums up what’s wrong with this era of Labor, under Therapeutic Albo:

“The typical Labor Party branch today is full of progressives who want to spend all of their time talking about climate change or gender equity rather than the things that really matter to people.”
It’s always easier to talk about useless crap that makes you feel good than actual issues that matter. 

"Angry aggressive young males there to fight police, not to protest about freedom"

Commander Mark Galliott said bottles and stones were thrown at police.

“Angry aggressive young males (were) there to fight the police, not to protest about freedoms,” he told the media late on Saturday.


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UPDATE - thanks to reader Gary who's discovered a number of angry aggressive young males who appear to be there to fight.  


Insightful comment about Victoria Police State tactics from our reader Ceres

Live streams show ALL the various protests were just people marching together down various roads.

If they had not been met with walls of police "kettling" them, after a couple of hours they would have dispersed.

The police tactic was designed to provoke people to break through the police lines, which is exactly what happened.

This unnecessarily aggressive MO is designed to send a message to Victorians - you will obey the State.

However there will be exceptions if the State supports your cause  - like BLM and the CFMEU.

I salute these courageous people walking on behalf of thousands more Victorians like me who now don't even have a sitting Parliament.

Rule by thugs.