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The great professor is obviously a man of supreme intellect. He is smarter than anyone else and is a regular on the Channel 10 primetime flop, The Project alongside Brave Wayleed Aly.

He’s everyone’s favorite reformed lefty Liberal … in the league of John Hewson. 

The Professor is quick to “call out” anyone or anything he doesn’t agree with because he’s so much smarter than everyone else. He's a platinum member of Twitter’s army of leftist political bullies.

But it's important to take a quick look at his track record on this election:

The brave Professor told Channel Ten on Saturday night that Labor would win at least 80 seats.

“I see a Labor victory”, he said smugly to the nods of the panel.

Two hours later he was boasting that he called the election for the Coalition before anyone else. 

That's quite a turn-around. 

The expert political analyst wrote in The Australian on May 11, “the likeliest outcome is an ugly Labor win, forming minority government.”

On November 12 last year his expertise was again on show, “the latest Newspoll has once again confirmed the sheer lunacy of removing Malcolm Turnbull from the Prime Ministership…The polls suggest Labor could break its record 1983 victory under Bob Hawke, which delivered a 13 seat majority.”

This morning, Alan Jones on 2GB made the greatest of discovery. The Professor was so confident in his dominant analytical abilities that he made this comment in a podcast on April 15:

“There’s no way that Scott Morrison can win it and I’m happy to have that replayed time and time again to my shame if he does win it.”

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 Maybe time for the Great Professor to hand back his badge. 

Shorten over-reached in his response to rape complaint - and no one picked it up

On 21 August 2014 Bill Shorten made a public statement about the Victoria Police investigation of Kathy Sherriff's rape allegation.

The troublesome statements in Mr Shorten's response include these:

  • .....the allegation was untrue and abhorrent.
  • The allegation was made by someone I knew briefly at that time.
  • There is absolutely no basis for the claim.

Mr Shorten and his legal advisor were in a difficult position.

Kathy was 16 at the time of the offence.  Shorten was 19 and he was in a position with some authority at a Young Labor camp.  Kathy says Shorten was responsible for organising the sleeping accommodation and had other leadership roles.

An admission to any sexual activity with Ms Sherriff in those circumstances may have exposed Mr Shorten to significant legal problems.  Ms Sherriff also accuses SHORTEN of plying her with intoxicating liquor and distributing marijuana, all of which, if true, would involve significant criminality on SHORTEN's part.

So Shorten tied himself to the statement "There is absolutely no basis for the claim".


The unavoidable consequences for Kathy Sherriff if Shorten's statement is true

Victorian law provides that:

Any person who falsely and with knowledge of the falsity of the report voluntarily reports or causes to be reported to any police officer or to a protective services officer that an act has been done or an event has occurred, which act or event as so reported is such as calls for an investigation by a police officer or a protective services officer shall be guilty of an offence.

Penalty:     120 penalty units or imprisonment for 1 year.

Shorten says "There is absolutely no basis for (Ms Sherriff's) claim".

He was never questioned about his statement - publicly at least.

Our media was prepared to paint Shorten as the victim of a baseless smear.  It dutifully published "news" articles that included SHORTEN's false, or at best misleading claim that he had been "cleared" over the "untrue, abhorrent and baseless" claim against him.

Kathy has been unwavering in her allegation.  She also put the police to an expensive, lengthy and complex investigation of this historical offence.

Had Shorten said he couldn't remember, he was drunk or a something similar there may have been wriggle-room for the accommodation of both his and Kathy's recollection of events.

But Shorten was emphatic - Kathy's allegation was false.

That leaves police in an invidious position.  Shorten's position is irreconcilable with Sherriff's, and if Shorten is right, Sherriff is in serious trouble.

Why then no charge against her?  Why did Shorten himself not demand action against what he says was a baseless and thus malicious or vexatious complaint?

These are questions a neutral media and political class should have asked of Shorten.

But these are not neutral times.  We live in a time that demands even higher standards of those in public life, particularly our media.  That it allowed Shorten to escape further scrutiny on this question is inexcusable.

Violence against women - the times we live in

Huge amounts of public money, time and effort are being spent on convincing us that "more needs to be done" combatting violence against women.

Part of that effort includes significant Victoria Police resources, both in apprehending and prosecuting offenders and in education.

Victoria Police's fact sheets for sexual offences are here.

Here is an extract:

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.18.39 am
Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.18.39 am

The police I know have finely calibrated bullshit detectors.

Police commanders in charge of the purse strings apply even more stringent tests before authorising expensive and scarce investigative resources.

Kathy Sherriff is in the terrible position of trying to seek justice against a man improperly insulated by a protection racket.  She's had her character attacked, her intentions impugned and her reputation destroyed.  But after all the bullshit against her, one fact remains. Kathy is to this day reporting further and better particulars and more evidence against SHORTEN to police, requiring further police investigation.  If any of that was knowingly false, police would proceed against Kathy.

You may be interested in the empirical data about Victoria Police and its management of reports of rape, including false reports which have resulted in prosecution of the complainant - here.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.59.12 am

False reports do happen and they are prosecuted.  

Kathy's report is not false.

Finally, this very clear statement from Victoria Police about circumstances like those in the matters of PELL and SHORTEN where there are only two eye-witnesses to a rape:

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.18.39 am

That Kathy has been denied justice with her day in court is undeniable.

More broadly Australians have been too.  

Collectively, we've allowed Bill Shorten to come within a whisker of being Prime Minister.

I'm not judging Shorten's guilt or innocence - I am saying there's a credible prima-facie case against him which he's been able to dismiss with a manifestly insufficient claim of innocence.

Those closest to Shorten lay claim to the high ground on the protection of women.  

Chloe Shorten chose to become involved in the election politicking giving an exclusive interview to the Future Women magazine. I feel for Mrs Shorten and I've given considerable thought as to whether or not to include reference to Mrs Shorten here.  In the end it was Mrs Shorten who chose to become publicly involved and it was Mr Shorten who selected violence against women as her number one campaign issue.  It's a matter then for Mrs Shorten and the Labor women close to SHORTEN to satisfy themselves that their own house is in order before lecturing others.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.38.56 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.38.56 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.38.56 am

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.38.56 am

Chloe Shorten cites the fundamental right of women to live free from violence as her number one policy priority. 

Kathy Sherriff lives every day of her life with the constant reminder of the night a manipulative, cunning and violent young thug plied her with alcohol, chased, isolated and raped her.

Kathy's Life Matters Too.




Rape complainant says "The investigating police had no doubt Shorten did it"

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 2.26.31 pm

The election had nothing to do with Kathy Sherriff's decision to speak publicly about SHORTEN.

It had nothing to do with my decision to publish her allegations and her report of new evidence.

It does, however demonstrate a significant failing in Australia's media and the effectiveness of our public discourse.  We've all missed some key and important obvious facts and we could today have faced the horrid spectacle of a man with an outstanding rape charge in The Lodge.

SHORTEN has been held to a much lower level of accountability than Craig McLachlan, Geoffrey Rush or Don Burke.  And while the convicted prisoner PELL is in gaol on the sole evidence of his accuser, Kathy Sherriff's strong and unwavering allegation of rape against SHORTEN has been intercepted and stopped in its tracks; the important question for the community is by whom and why.



October 2013 - Kathy Sherriff lodged a complaint with Victoria Police alleging rape against Bill Shorten.

"In 1985 I joined the ALP. In 86 at the age of 16 I . . . became a delegate for state and national conferences. In 86 I went to a Young Labor camp down near Geelong . . . I was alone. At about 4am there was a knock at my door. It was him at the door. He pushed me into a bathroom, up against a towel rail, pulled down my pants and raped me."

Police accepted the complaint, assessed it, authorised it for investigation by the Sexual Offences Squad and assigned detectives to it.  Police prepared a Prosecution Brief which was authorised by the Crime Command for submission to the Office of Public Prosecutions.

On 21 August 2014 Victoria Police announced that no charges would be laid against Shorten.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 5.02.09 pm

Note that Shorten was not cleared, rather the OPP advised that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction - based on the evidence and the law that then applied.

Victoria Police then decided not to charge Shorten.

It's useful to compare the Victoria Police announcement about SHORTEN (above) with its May 2017 announcement after the OPP declined to recommend prosecution of PELL:

Victoria Police can confirm that it has received advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions relating to a current investigation into historical sexual assault allegations," she said.

"As with any investigation it will be a decision for Victoria Police as to whether charges are laid. As this remains an ongoing investigation, we will not be commenting further at this time."


Kathy's account of her conversation with police about the OPP

Now for the first time Kathy talks publicly about the police and the OPP.



Kathy Sherriff's description of her conversation with police is consistent with the preparation of a brief of evidence against an offender.  Police do not prepare Innocence Briefs.  If police believe a person didn't do it (or that there is insufficient evidence to support charges) the file is marked NFPA (No Further Police Action) or NOD (No Offence Detected).
Kathy says "There was no doubt from the actual people, the police who investigated the case."
"It came back to me from the detective.... that the director of the office of public prosecutions........he didn't even look over it for 30 seconds before he rejected the case.   I don't know what was on the front page, I wasn't there, but from what I can ascertain it was my name and the offenders name."
Shorten's response next.
More soon.

Scott Morrison's win is great news for Israel - the one in the Middle East

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 7.19.01 am

President Trump was one of the first world leaders to call the Australian leader to congratulate him. So was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is himself no stranger to successful elections after conventional wisdom or mainstream media counted him out.

Morrison is considered a pro-Israel leader and under his leadership Australia has had Israel’s back in the United Nations.

In October, Canberra joined the U.S. and Israel as the only ones to vote against the Palestinian Authority chairing the Group of 77, the biggest bloc of nations in the UN.

And in November, it voted “no” on six anti-Israel resolutions put forward at the General Assembly.

Most recently, in March, Australia voted against a U.N. Human Rights Council report accusing Israel of crimes against humanity in its defense against attacks from Gaza.

Morrison had made noises about following Trump’s lead in moving Australia’s Embassy to Jerusalem, but then only recognized the western part of Jerusalem in December last year.

In March, Canberra opened a Trade and Defense Office in the western part of Israel’s capital, but a spokesperson stated that it had no formal diplomatic status, and there was no official ceremony to inaugurate it.

In contrast, Labor’s Shorten declared that he would seek to cancel the recognition of even west Jerusalem.