Switzerland to BAN electric cars during electricity shortages.



Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 9.31.51 am
Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 9.31.51 am

Switzerland will ban the use of electric cars for 'non-essential' journeys if the country runs out of energy this winter, the government has announced.

Emergency plans drawn up in the event the Swiss are hit by blackouts also call for shop opening hours to be reduced by up to two hours per day, heating systems in nightclubs to be turned off, and other buildings to be heated to no more than 20C.

Crisis measures could see streaming services and games consoles banned, Christmas lights turned off, and all sports stadiums and leisure facilities closed.

Insight into what ABC insiders think of Louise Milligan (7Nilligan).

Well done & guts plus from former ABC newsman Peter Lloyd.

Peter Lloyd was a longtime ABC reporter who got into criminal strife in Singapore and was jailed.

Even then, the ABC re-hired him when he was deported back to Australia.

He was a favourite son of the people who ran the ABC at the time.   A talented bloke who committed - and paid for - a drug offence in a notoriously strict criminal jurisdiction.

Fast forward a few years - Lloyd has left the ABC; and the ABC has become a cranky, cause-driven hen house.

Last Friday, Louise 7Nilligan jumped online to plug her book - by joining the Brittany Higgins bandwagon.

Peter Lloyd, to his immense credit, was smart enough to call out Milligan’s craven opportunism - or as he put it, her “unseemly grasp for the limelight”.

Well done Peter Lloyd.


Yes - you always knew it. 7Nilligan is not that popular inside the ABC - despite the ball-less management’s apparent fear of her.

It takes guts to say what Peter Lloyd said about 7Nilligan.  He might be an Ex-ABC type but his comments have wide support from ABC friends.

Boosterism and unseemly limelight grasping indeed.