A lovely story from our mate Sally Lloyd in remote Mougulu, highlands of Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea next week is Grade 10 national examinations week. This is of critical importance, with ONLY students meeting a certain grade in these examinations being able to continue to Grade 11. If we don't sit the exam all our students will fail.
Out here in remote PNG we were losing hope with no flights planned... then -
Huge thanks to Roger from Nuigini Helicopters for securely & willingly bringing our Examination Papers!! This gives us hope for our students.. I wish them all the best and may many of them go in to serve their own people and move our communities forward.
A great reminder that all is not lost and we have many terrific people who help to make the world go around!

Bottom of barrel for The Guardian - Mundine’s estranged daughter disagrees with him.


The Left will do and say anything to advance the cause. 
But this is low rent from The Guardian, edited by twisted leftist and long running champion man-hater Lenore Taylor.  
Warren Mundine’s daughter says his opposition to voice not ‘morally right’ | Indigenous voice to parliament | The Guardian
Warren Mundine’s adult daughter disagrees with him on Albanese’s Vanity Voice
Big deal. 
Even less of a story when you read that the daughter doesn’t have much of a relationship with him. 
Bullshit story. 
Lenore would have signed off on this attempted character assassination of Mundine and it failed miserably…like many things she touches.