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The AWU Scandal - Bill Gets the Money Back - But What About Bruce?

I'm going to need some help with this.

This application was brought before the Industrial Relations Court of Australia in a matter listed in 1995.   I'll put up the Affidavit material read into evidence soon.

Right now, let's just look at the Order of the Court that Bill Ludwig, advised by his law firm Con Sciacca and Associates was able to achieve.

In August 1995 Bruce Wilson took off, never to be heard of by the union again.   The union never "found" him to get his redundancy money or any other money back from him.

So, at the bank in 1995 the union returned money to some companies that Wilson had been dealing with.

Later that year, Bill Ludwig goes to court.   His action results in this order.



There was a disputed repayment in the amount of around $19,500 to one of the companies, when that's added in the amount returned is exactly $166K - the amount that went out of the AWU Members' Welfare Association No1 Account in August, 1995.

So, by Bill's application and the order of the court, that money was properly obtained by the union.   It was the union's money.   It was in the account AWU Member's Welfare Association No1.

The same account which Bruce used for Cash.   Cash.   Cash.   Town Mode. Etc

Bill, why didn't you get that money back from Bruce?   What else was going on?

Much, much more to come.