The AWU Scandal - Bill Ludwig and Bruce Wilson
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The AWU Scandal - Bruce Goes with the Money

We know that Bruce was being advised by Slater and Gordon.   He fronted up at the Commonwealth Bank on 17 August, 1995.   Wilson's position in Victoria had been abolished and he'd lost his authority as a signatory on bank accounts.

We know that Maurice Blackburn was advising the other union boss who was taking responsibility for the union in Victoria, Bob Smith.  

As a result of whatever negotiations took place, Wilson departed the union on 17 August, 1995 with a "redundancy" payment.

The union returned money to the bosses, the companies that Wilson had been "dealing" with.

Ian Cambridge found out about the deal and the "redundancy".   He hit the roof.

His sensible first step was to find out what had happened at the bank.


After taking legal advice, The Commonwealth Bank wrote back to say that money had been returned from the dodgy account, the AWU Members' Welfare Association No 1 to the following companies.


There is more correspondence on the matter, but for the sake of brevity I'll leave it at that.

The questions raised by the advice from Slater and Gordon and Maurice Blackburn to return money to the companies are significant.   What was Bruce up to?

Remember how the money from AWU Members' Welfare Assocaition No1 was spent.   Cash, Cash, Town Mode Fashion, Diners Club etc.

So, Wilson gets sprung.   Gets advice from the lawyers.   Money gets returned to the companies Bruce was "dealing" with.   Bruce gets to leave with a redundancy.

What's next?