The AWU Scandal - Fun with Other People's Money
The AWU Scandal - the boys get sprung

The AWU Scandal - Fun with Other People's Money part 2

The second account that contains dubious transactions was in fact the first account discovered by union officials.   It was the discovery of this account that led to Wilson and Blewitt leaving the union in August, 1995.   Remember, they have never been quizzed about the AWU Workplace Reform Association, nor about the Construction Industry Fund.

What we know for fact is this.   The Australian Worker's Union Members Welfare Association No1 Account existed before Wilson moved to Victoria.   God knows why it wasn't closed down prior to him coming, and God knows why his operation of the account and the way it was used wasn't discovered sooner.

In any event, it's clear that Wilson and Blewitt were making moves to empty this account in April, 1995.   There was a change of office holders in the union at this time.   For this post I'll only focus on what money was spent from this account - the AWU Members Welfare Association no 1 Account.


I'll just make a couple of comments.  I don't know what business the union would have had with Town Mode fashion house and I've got no allegations about it.

Bob Kernohan received what he described as an expense reimbursement from this account on 6 April, 1995.   Bob subsequently made a statement to Detective Sergeant A. Turnley, 20778 in which he exposed himself to the penalties of perjury if the statement was false.    Kernohan stated that he was reimbursed expenses by the then union boss Wilson, who chose to pay Kernohan from this account.

You will notice the large number of bank cheques drawn in August, 1995.   Fascinating for a union to be sending money back to the bosses.   More soon.