The AWU Scandal - The Mortgage to Blewitt
The AWU Scandal - Fun with Other People's Money part 2

The AWU Scandal - Fun with Other People's Money

Ian Cambridge and his support team deserve congratulations.   It was an immensely difficult task for Mr Cambridge to assemble all the data about the various entities and their accounts he discovered.

Mr Cambridge's enquiries revealed a number of accounts held by the Commonwealth Bank.   Keep in mind that the existence of the Australian Workers' Union - Workplace Reform Association was unknown to the union until April, 1996.   It is notable that Julia Gillard knew of it when she acted in its establishment in 1992.   Slater and Gordon took money from it in 1993.   Julia Gillard admitted to its existence and her role in its establishment as a "union slush fund" on 11 September, 1995.   Thus the partnership Slater and Gordon was clearly aware of it, and its role in the funding of a house purchased with combined money from it and the Slater and Gordon partnership, by 11 September, 1995 at the latest.

I think it is inexplicable that Julia Gillard did not notify her client, the AWU of both the conflict of interest she had in her relationship with Mr Wilson, nor of the material fact of the AWU Workplace Reform establishment and existence when Wilson's malfeasance was discovered and acted on in August, 1995.   But the actions of the partnership in apparently not notifying the union are more noteworthy.

So to the money from the account.   This is what happened to it.   I am drawing from the Affidavit of Ian Walter Cambridge.

Some one had a big call for cash in early September, 1993.

The account goes on.


I investigated Craig Thomson's efforts at the worldwide ATMs.   Bruce Wilson wins.

In particular note the transfer by cheque to a new account called the Construction Industry Fund.   This coincides with Bruce losing the Victorian boss cockey job and planning to move to the Construction Industry branch head role.   More on that soon.