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The AWU Scandal - my questions to the PM of last year - updated 29 November, 2012

Update, 29 November, 2012   I sent these questions to Julia Gillard in September last year.   Instead of lying about it then by saying, "it's all on the public record", if she'd just answered and told the truth then it would have been so much easier to manage the train-wreck that's now heading her way.

It's just wrong when Ms Gillard says this is the opposition smearing her.  If she had answered questions as they arose, none of this would be happening.  It's her cover-up that has made this such an unedifying spectacle.   Just disgraceful and she has brought it all on herself.


UPDATE - 10/10/2012 - I thought I'd repost this story with links to the questions I first posed to Julia Gillard in September last year.   I was suspended from my on-air role at 2UE over this issue.  


Original post 28 August, 2012

Your Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is conning you about her role in the AWU matter.   She has tried to create the impression that she has answered every question put to her about the scandal.   She has not.

She said this to Jon Faine on ABC 774 in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

PM: Well, Jon, if you, I’m not going to leave that unchallenged Jon. I gave a record press conference on this. I answered every question put to me. You haven’t got a question to put to me.

HOST: No, no, on the contrary.
PM: I’m not going to leave your listeners with the impression that there’s something here because someone on the margins of political life is hawking around nonsense. 
If you were interviewing President Obama right now you wouldn’t end that interview by saying about the ridiculous allegation that he wasn’t born in the United States that maybe something else will come out about it in the future. 
This stuff is all rubbish, I’ve dealt with it, it’s over, it’s done. Just because there are some idiots out there who will always pursue it no matter what the truth is doesn’t mean that people like you or any person of reason should be following them down that path.
There are two documents below - the first a series of questions I put to them PM more than one year ago on 6 September, 2011.   The second is the documentation (with attachments as listed) I sent to her office, including the handwriting analysis etc.   Keep in mind it's more than one year ago.  She said then that it had all been addressed "on the public record".   She lied.
Here is the blog entry I put up almost 3 weeks ago on this site.


I asked these questions of the Prime Minister on the day that I was suspended from 2UE.   My questions were published on the 2UE website.

Download Questions to Gillard - actual questions

Download Questions to gillard back up docco  

I thought it was very dangerous then that the nation's media would allow the PM to get away with not answering such reasonable, and factually based questions.   Media Watch reported that I had asked questions and put allegations that the PM had already answered.   She had not.   These notes represent what was then new information.

Please take the time to read these documents in full, including the background to the questions in the background document, it will help you understand exactly what went on at Slater and Gordon.