The AWU Scandal - the role of the $67,722.30 cheque
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The AWU Scandal - paying for the house

I hope that Bruce and Ralph were getting good advice from their law firm Slater and Gordon.

The partner who drew up the "objects of the association" for the AWU Workplace Reform Association clearly knew the law.   The WA Incorporated Associations Act sets out that incorporated associations must include the following

That was included in the written "objects of the association" that accompanied the form with Julia Gillard's handwriting.

So to summarise.

The law describes the special requirements for an incorporated association.   No property or income can be distributed to members except in very specific circumstances.

Julia Gillard provides "legal advice" to Blewitt and Wilson about their Association.   She writes on the form that set it up.   9 pages of legalese "objects of the association" includes the provision set out in the law above about the association's money and property.

Julia Gillard's law firm acts in the conveyancing of a house signed for by the boyfriend Wilson, acting on a Power of Attorney for Blewitt.   Keep in mind that Wilson is concealing everything from his girlfriend Gillard, who was deceived by a conman who broke her heart and made her terribly distressed.   She was young and naive and he was Bruce Wilson.

So it is interesting that the Slater and Gordon partnership accepted this cheque so close to settlement for the house purchase.

If I had been a partner with that firm and I found out later that one of my other partners had known about that Association, I would have been furious.   Furious enough to keep detailed notes and a recorded conversation about it.