The AWU Scandal - Wilson Charges advice - and link to Slater and Gordon statement "We did nothing wrong".
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The AWU Scandal - the other Slater and Gordon Partner

Bernard Murphy was the other partner in the industrial relations practice at Slater and Gordon. 

Bernard Murphy left the firm at about the same time as Julia Gillard.   On 14 June last year the Gillard Government appointed His Honour Mr Justice Bernard Murphy to the bench of the Federal Court of Australia.

I interviewed Bernard Murphy in 2010.   He was spruiking for my listeners to "log on to the IMF website, that's w w w  dot financial redress dot com dot au, that's".   He was very impressive, he sounded like Tim Shaw at his salesman best.  

I wonder how many of His Honour's brother judges could lay claim to the same immediate past experience.   Most of them seem to get appointed to the bench from more conventional backgrounds like being a QC or a barrister.  

Have a listen to the interview and tell me what you think about the then litigation salesman Bernard Murphy and now Justice of the Federal Court, one time supervising partner to Julia Gillard during the time of the AWU/Wilson scandal.