The AWU Scandal - WA Associations Incorporation Act - The sham "Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association"
The AWU Scandal - who in the union knew about it

The AWU Scandal - where did the money come from?

I think the boys, Bruce and Ralph, might have had their lawyer under a bit of pressure to get their paperwork in.

They put in the application to register their Association on 22 April, 1992.   This is the first invoice the Association issued.


The Association's official certificate of incorporation wasn't issued until 24 June that year.  

Download _92_06_24 - Certificate of Incorporation (from IC4)     

Over the next couple of years, the boys invoiced Thiess regularly.

It will become notable later on as we explain the story - but for now just keep in the back of your mind exactly who Thiess's accounts payable deparment thought they were paying.   Just above here on the blog is the 1st invoice.   Now I'll show you the payment advice that accompanied the first cheque.    Download Awu payment 001 from Thiess  

So thanks to the legal work in setting up their Association, Bruce and Ralph had their entity, they could issue invoices and open bank accounts.   And the money rolled in.  

This is the entire file of the invoices they raised to Thiess and the payments it made.

Download ___AWU WRA invoices and Thiess remittances