The AWU Scandal - who in the union knew about it
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The AWU Scandal - Whose Handwriting is Where

Let's just go back to that handwriting for a moment.

It will help you to understand future documents if you spend just a moment here.

This is the certificate that led the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner to incorporate the Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association.

There are several sets of writing on the form.

The back-hand strokes in largely capitalised letters are Ralph Blewitt's.   He's the bagman.

The letters that write out the actual name of the organisation on line 1. - that's the Prime Minister's handwriting.   Double click on the documents, enlarge them - check it out for yourself.   Love to hear your views about them.


Application for incorporation
I reeived a copy of the Prime Minister's writing that is what the forensic investigators would call a "known" sample.   I am absolutely satisfied that this is a true copy of a "known" sample of the handwriting of Julia Eileen Gillard.   Compare it for yourself with the handwriting on para 1. above with the words Austrralian Workers' Union - Workplace Reform Association,   In particular, look at the word Australian, check out the capital Ws, look at the way the letter f in lower case is formed.

Gillard condolence