The AWU Scandal - the boys get sprung
The AWU Scandal - the other Slater and Gordon Partner

The AWU Scandal - Wilson Charges advice - and link to Slater and Gordon statement "We did nothing wrong".

UPDATE 8 MAY, 2013

I posted this on 29 August, 2012.   It sets out some of the correspondence about Wilson and the accounts.  Remember, Gillard knew about the AWU Workplace Reform Association and did not tell the union.

This is a link to a media statement that Slater and Gordon released in November last year, stating that as soon as Slater and Gordon became aware of a conflict between Wilson's interests and the interests of their client the AWU, Slater and Gordon ceased to act for each of them.

So with Gillard's media statement that "whether or not Bruce Wilson was a client of mine is irrelevant" ringing in my ears, it's difficult to reconcile the records of the time that Slater and Gordon continued to represent Wilson right up to the 17 August meeting at the Commonwealth Bank.

As I said back then, I can't imagine what possible justification or excuse a law firm could have for knowing about the use of a client's corporate name (the AWU) in a privately held incorporated entity, set up for the purpose of raising money using the corporate name.   Take out AWU and insert Qantas or Telstra and see if you can imagine a reputable law firm not telling the client.



Bob Smith (II) wrote this letter to Ian Cambridge and Steve Harrison on 4 August, 1995.


So, August 4, 1995 and Wilson has been sprung for the AWU Members' Welfare Association No1 account activities.   No one knew about AWU Workplace Reform Association except him, Blewitt and Gillard (my source for this is combined from WA Police Correspondence, Ian Cambridge's speech to Queensland delegates in January 1996, Julia Gillard's departure interview and the report to WA Police of the AWU-WRA fraud in 1996).

Wilson and his girlfriend continued to be an item during this time.   Cambridge's affidavit refers to the two parties to this dispute - ie Bob Smith and Wilson being advised respectively by Maurice Blackburn (John Cain Jr) and Slater and Gordon.


So Wilson is still represented by Slater and Gordon.   The Victorian AWU Accounts are frozen at this stage.   It would have made paying the bills difficult.

Wilson is now under formal notice that he is being charged internally with the charges being referred to police.   According to Cambridge's affidavit he receives advice from Slater and Gordon.

Wilson and Ms Gillard know what happened when they went away together.   Wilson knows what advice was given to him by Ms Gillard.   Ms Gillard should have been aware that Wilson was being charged with serious fraud matters by his employer and that the charges were being referred to police.

The next step is significant.   Wilson attends the Commonwealth Bank on his last day of service with the union.   Also present is Bob Smith (II) and Jim Collins.   The Commonwealth Bank is instructed to return money to the companies set out in the attached letter.



Wilson, Bob Smith (II) and Collins then all counter-signed a note to the bank lifting any and all restrictions on bank accounts.


This is pretty heavy stuff.   I'll post again soon with the intriguing story of what happened next.


At the Police Academy we were always told - frauds are investigated on the paperwork and every touch leaves its trace.