Harry Nowicki - What's next?
Rats. Not human ones. Just plain old rats and how to get rid of them.

A couple of thoughts for the week ahead

Thanks for listening to the 3 brief little conversation snippets between me and Harry Nowicki over our breakfast by the Quay today.

They really set the scene for another week that'll bring us closer to justice in The AWU Scandal.

I don't think there'll be one uh-huh moment.   The cover-up is going to take a lot of chipping away and no one could really know where the breakthrough will come from.

But this week I'll be getting a couple of detailed interviews with Bob Kernohan on the record.

Harry is working to get a repentant Ralph Blewitt out here so that Ralph can tell his story in his own words.

There's a Freedom of Information application that's almost ready to be satisfied by Victoria Police in releasing their files on the Ian Cambridge's report to the NCA (and its referral of the alleged frauds to Victoria Police) that should come out this week.

There's the WA Minister Murray Cowper (former copper) has been given the task of enquiring into the WA BCITF and its payment of $516,000 to Thiess/the AWU - I'm hoping to hear from him any day.

I know there are several other live lines of enquiry that ought to remain confidential for now but I have every confidence in each of them adding significant weight to the calls for a proper enquiry and justice in the scandal.

There probably won't be a killer punch of itself.  But when a properly commissioned enquiry gets underway - look out!