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The AWU Scandal - why Kernohan received $6,500

A reader shares his thoughts about the sub-prime crisis


It may be that DSM-IV-TR of the American Psychiatric Association provides a way of understanding the behaviour (past and present) of the Prime Minister:
The FBI take the matter further to argue that politicians and those that commit serial crimes of violence are only distinguishable by the differences in how such dimensions as anger are acted out. For the politician it may be extra-marital affairs and/or corruption; for the violent offender it is usually an act of physical violence, or tormenting vulnerable victims. Whatever she said to Fairfax and News Ltd it scared hell out of them.
Park Deitz, the psychiatrist, mentioned above, happens to be a friend (and PhD superviser) of a psychologist friend of mine and he has a first rate reputation.
(name supplied - a fairly prominent person)