Sad news overnight with the death of John Miller in Brisbane. Vale John Miller, I owe my start in radio to you. Thank you old mate, rest in peace.
Facebook growth today - 100,000 unique people have seen this content


Our numbers on this blog-site and Facebook are really quite breathtaking.   I am surprised by how much activity we have generated here together.   Anyone who doesn't grasp how important this means of communicating is and how it is changing the news and media landscape ought to spend a bit of time looking at these numbers.

On Tuesday next week it will be a fortnight that my blog and the facebook page have been really active.   It took me until about the Friday of the first week to get to understand how to put stuff up on the Facebook page.   The blog was a bit easier to do by myself.

So right now it' 11 real days in.   More than 200,000 page views on the blog.   But check out the facebook statistics.   More than 36,000 individual people coming to have a look.   Look at the number of friends of "fans", that is people who have clicked "like".  132,000 people.   In just over a week.   That is gob-smacking.

I've put a graph up taken directly from the facebook admin page here.