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Good Morning - 3 September, 2012 - Asylum Seeker Policy

In her own words - with The Greens as her guide

I have checked out the author of the following amazing rant on Facebook and she seems to be a real person.   On Facebook I've put up a small memorial to the 5 men killed in action while engaged with the enemy in Afghanistan this week.   Sarah Bath posted this comment to become a part of the memorial.   I have thought about whether to keep it up there all afternoon.   In the end I believe in free speech and that not all free speech is edifying speech.   You can have a go back at Sarah Bath if you wish.   I've separated this here from any mention from the fallen and I'd like you to do the same please.

Sarah Bath you right wing shocks should be silenced.  Why do we have a defence force at all. Because there is this archaic view that the domino effect is still present, that we are still chasing reds under the beds and thanks to the redneck gun lobby it exists so they can profit.  Perhaps if we redirected funds from defence into sustainable herbiculture, gay marriage equity, Gay appreciation lessons in schools and ensuring the big polluters pay we would be a better society.  We need an inquiry to ensure that homophobic views are banned, that climate change denialism is banned and any dialogue speaking against welcoming refugees is banned.  Its about time we started to ensure that the offensive term "people smugglers" is also banned. These are heroes akin to Schindler.  BTW your page is reported as being racist and offensive.