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The AWU Scandal - Things Ms GILLARD did wrong

The AWU Scandal - Gillard and her Partners Massive Fail

Bruce got the flick 17 August, 1995.

Julia Gillard got the flick 11 September, 1995.

They both knew about the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

Bruce had no obligation to incriminate himself.   He said nothing.

Miss Gillard was a lawyer with an obligation to her client.   She knew she had set up something that was not what it purported to be.   She knew it was a slush fund.   She intentionally passed it off as belonging to or having the right to use to Australian Workers' Union name.

So let's get some data about dates.   This letter was sent by either Peter Trebilco or Tim Daly of the AWU WA branch to the WA DPP in April 97.   It's important because it sets out when the AWU became aware of the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

The WA branch was told about it in September 1996.   Fully one year after Miss Gillard told her partners at Slater and Gordon.  It's very interesting for some of the other dates and information.

The names are redacted by the WA Police FOI branch, but I'm sure you'll get enough of the sense of what they're talking about.