A man of character, morality, wisdom and real life experience is standing against Kevin Rudd in the Federal Seat of Griffith
Where's Tim Mathieson - hair dressing conference in Ibiza?

The AWU Scandal - The dirty, rotten bastard.

I understand that the Labor Party dirt machine is digging in to matters in which Julie Bishop acted as a lawyer.

Julie Bishop is on the record as saying she never had an affair with a client, she created files open to her partners, she billed for work, she didn't deceive the corporate affairs commissioner, she didn't create a false power of attorney and she is not guilty of misprison of felony.

She also did not stick by a bastard who could do this to his mates.   This was your future prime minister of Australia.



I have seen some things in this matter that really disgust me.   Reading this report has made me physically ill.   Selling your mates down the river and then pocketing the money.   Any bastard who profitted in any way from this should be flogged.

September 1995 - The Age - contaminated soil