The AWU Scandal - Joe Trio on the record
The AWU Scandal - Business Review Weekly - Bruce Wilson et al 11 March, 1996

The AWU Scandal - Training for young people

The Australian newspaper is a journal of record (that is it will report accurately and correct the record where it's inaccurate).   This is the text of a piece that ran in The Australian on 2 August, 1996 by Nigel Wilson, describing how the BCITF money was intended to be used.   I wonder which young people were trained in Bruce's house in Kerr Street?

Fri August 2 1996 - The Australian - training funds


There must be at least one wag at the BCITF in their marketing department.   Their current website describes their activities in training young people

No limits indeed (the notion was apparently the subject of a presentation to an ACTU conference where it was picked up and used by Craig Thomson who can attest to its effectiveness after several years of field testing).