The AWU Scandal - Things Ms GILLARD did wrong
The AWU Scandal - PR Spakfilla from the PM - (for the uninitiated, Spakfilla is deployed by harassed husbands in the cover-up of impressions made by door handles, scooters and crockery on plasterboard)

Uncovering the AWU Scandal - My Interview With Craig Thomson MP

I formally interviewed Craig Thomson MP on 1 August last year.   In that Record of Interview he made admissions about personally authorising the use of Health Services Union money to pay for bills issued by brothels.

I immediately wrote to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.    She quickly wrote back and said that Craig was doing a great job and had her full support.   Many of the HSU members who subsidised Craig's profligacy may have a different view.   Just imagine how handy $600 in union dues would be at Christmas time when you earn next to nothing.

Welcome to Craig's Fantasy Land - Where the Brothels Are Free  

After that quite a few union people got in touch with me and tipped me off to Ms Gillard's role in the AWU scandal.   But that was OK, it wasn't a scandal, it was just a slush fund and who hasn't had unlimited access to one of those.