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The Bogus Redundancies - More details on the lack of action

1st claim of Paul Howes - no members money lost in the AWU scandal - the redundancies cheques certainly were

These are the cheques that are referred to in Hedley's piece today in The Australian.   
They were rushed down to Melbourne and Bruce et al were on their way. 

Hedley Thomas is doing a superb job in reporting on the contemporaneous diary entries made by Ian Cambridge.

The amount of work in finding people, interviewing them and then compiling his reports in such a way that the legal people haven't baulked is mind-boggling.


Here are the cheques paid to Bruce Wilson, Ralph Blewitt and other members of Wilson's National Construction Branch when he was sprung for fraud in Melbourne in August of 1995.

The cheque to Bruce Wilson

Redundancy cheque wilson

The cheque to Blewitt

Redundancy cheque blewitt
The cheque to Marie Murray, including its reverse with her endorsement.

Redundancy cheque marie
The cheque to the big fat Greek bulltish artist to quote the PM

Redundancy cheque telikostoglou
And an endorsement on the back of Bill's cheque to please pay cash, we like the cash.

And Redundancy cheque telikoglostoglou reverse
A cheque to Jim Collins

Redundancy cheque collins

And this peculiar notation, in handwriting that might be important.

Redundancy cheque collins note
That note apparently says "Please pay Jim Collins total amount by bank check made out to Mr Mark Barnes".   Anyone care to take a stab at the handwriting or other codes present there?

And finally a very bad copy of a cheque to Mr Barnes.

Redundancy cheque collins or barnes
So that money was paid out.   Was it right that Wilson in particular received that money, that he was allowed to walk away with extra money after his frauds (IE the Melbourne only AWU Members Welfare Association Account) was discovered?

 Paul Howes, how do you explain the observation I make that none of that money was ever recovered?

Bill Ludwig discontinued the action against them.   What does Wilson have on Ludwig?   Why did your union not get its money back?   What have you got to hide?

Where are the AWU members now?   Why have you let this slide?