The AWU Scandal - Senator the Honourable George Brandis SC press conference today
The AWU Scandal - The AWU-WRA is at the heart of the scandal

Craig Thomson - the statement of claim lodged in court by Fair Work Australia

This is the front sheet of the statement of claim lodged in court today.  You can download the rest of the document on this post as well.

Front sheet statement of claim

Download FWAvThomsonstatementofclaim


I think it's quite significant that Fair Work Australia has found that expenditure on getting elected to a paid position is personal expenditure and that the benefit is a personal benefit.   Paragraphs 163 to 177 set out some of the expenditure on getting himself elected to the parliament and paragraph 178 (a) states that it is a personal benefit.

I think this view has some implications for the election slush fund that Miss Gillard set up for her boyfriend.   It is on the face of it,  a personal benefit.