Kathy Jackson speaks with me about the arrest of Michael Williamson
Craig Thomson MP rides again - he's on the record with me once more.

Gillard reaction to Williamson arrest

The sub-prime stuck her head up on Twitter this morning.

She's tormenting real people by pretending that she will put a National Disability Insurance Scheme in place.

There's no funding for it.  Only funding for bureaucrats and mates like John Della Bosca to get jobs.

I detest what's going on here.   It is so damned cruel to real people.   The tantalising prospect of a real and genuine change in their lives - this Twitter post says it all - get ready?   There's nothing to "get ready" for.

  Gillard ndis
While TeamJG were busy promoting their fantasy land, real people had questions like this:

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Call Julia Gillard on Twitter, Call Julia Gillard on Twitter, Call Julia Gillard on Twitter - no appearance your worship.