The AWU Scandal - more details from Ralph Blewitt
The AWU Scandal - reader Gavin's synopsis

Great synopsis from reader Jock

So let me get this right Michael. Gillard arranges a mortgage for Blewitt but fails to tell Blewitt anything about it?
Fails to tell him that he's liable for payments on a loan of $150,000 loan (approximately double the size of his other home loan)
Fails to tell him that he's liable for Body Corporate fees?
Fails to tell him that he needs to get property insurance to protect himself against things like storm damage?
And this Ralph Blewitt we're talking about here - a senior figure in one of her employer's biggest clients, the AWU, a close mate of her boyfriend, someone she's been personally acquainted for a number of years. Is she for real?
And this is not Gillard doing some private work on the side for Blewitt, this is Slater & Gordon providing services to one of their biggest clients, the AWU. And what do Slater & Gordon have to say about all of this? Is this the way they treat all of their clients, or was this just an isolated incident? Have Slater & Gordon ever apologised to Mr Blewitt and to the AWU for having treated them in this way? Unbelievable...