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Julia Gillard's search for ethics

I'll bet you didn't know that she-who-leaves-no-tracks-in-the-snow was a published author.

Most of the major leaders who've stood on the shoulders of a grateful people since the emergence of the printing press have had one.   A little booklet with their name on it that is.

I didn't know that the defining work of herself was on the shelves either until yesterday, when one of our number forwarded me this under cover of strict confidentiality.

It is fair dinkum.   I have seen the published book (the unkind say pamphlet) in its entirety.  

Crikey these ladies are angry!    Fortunately everything bad that happens to them is not because of something bad they did, it's because of sexism or misogyny (it's unclear in the book if the pre-2012 definition of misogyny is employed, or if the post-modernist Macquarie version applied back then.  Apparently there was a file but it's now empty).

Chairman Mao had one.   It was a little red book.   The first person to mention Hitler loses, so we won't draw the link to Mein Kampf.   But here now is the front cover of the key to the Julia Code.

Julia's search for ethics_002

See?   People don't do the wrong thing, it's pre-ordained that sexism done it.

When a leader is associated with such a work I don't know if protocol allows you to have a favourite bit.   I'll have to enquire from a regime like North Korea as we head down that path.   But if we are allowed to treasure a little piece of a Dear Leader's Little Puce Book more than the other equally good bits, this would be my favourite.   I've always felt that we'd underdone incommensurability in our official tomes.

Grab from julia
No wonder John McTernan and the great-file-emptier found each other!