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My report to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria - The Response

In the early hours of this morning I wrote to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria Ken D. LAY APM to report what I believe is at least one serious indictable offence committed in the state of Victoria.

At about 0940 today 17 October 2012 I telephoned the Chief Commissioner of Police's office and had a 9 minute conversation with Acting Inspector Karl Curran.   I explained some of the background to my report.

At about 1.40 PM today I received an email from the Chief Commissioner of Police's staff informing me that my report had been received by Victoria Police.   The Chief Commissioner has given responsibility for the transmission of the report to his Chief of Staff Acting Superintendent Cindy MILLEN.   Superintendent MILLEN has passed the report directly to the detectives who run the Victoria Police Crime Department.

I have immense confidence in the impartiality and professionalism of Victoria Police.   I am pleased that it has now had the apparently false Power of Attorney used to incur substantial debt by Ralph Blewitt reported to it as an alleged crime.

Here is Superintendent MILLEN's note to me

Chief Commissioner has referred report

I have removed Acting Superintendent Millen's contact details and her rank.

I will let you know how the assessment of the crime report progresses.   

This is really very important news - the matter is now in the hands of the state's best detectives who will report back to their Chief with their assessment.