I've made a report to the Chief Commissioner of Police about a serious indictable offence in Victoria
The AWU Scandal - Slater and Gordon have lost the file

UPDATED My report to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria - this is the complaint that triggered the AWU investigation

I thought it might be useful to remind you of the contents of the original complaint to police in The AWU Scandal - it names one offender, Julia Eileen GILLARD.
To: - Email, Chief Commissioner of Police 

Wed, 17 Oct 2012 02:39:24 +1100
Report of a Serious Indictable Offence
Chief Commissioner Ken D LAY APM
Victoria Police Force
Dear Chief Commissioner,
I run a news publishing website, www.michaelsmithnews.com
On Thursday, 11 October, 2012, I spoke on the telephone with a man whom I know to be Ralph Edwin BLEWITT.   I recorded the conversation with Mr BLEWITT's permission for the purpose of publishing the recording to my website.
In that conversation Mr BLEWITT said that during the week of 15 to 19 February, 1993 he was in Perth attending work as an organiser with the Australian Workers' Union.    He told me that the Secretary of the Victoria Branch of the union Bruce WILSON flew to Perth that week and arranged to meet him in an office.   BLEWITT said that WILSON  produced a document called Power of Attorney which recorded details about the donation of authority for WILSON to act as BLEWITT's attorney for the purchase of property in Victoria. WILSON told BLEWITT to sign the document and BLEWITT did.  
BLEWITT said there was no one else in the room at the time that he signed the document other than WILSON.
Here is a transcribed record of interview.
On 11 October, 2012 I received an email from Harry NOWICKI  Harry is a lawyer whom I know to be advising Ralph BLEWITT.   The email contained a file called "SG Purchase Fitzroy".   I have perused that file extensively and I believe it to be a true and accurate copy of a file that was transmitted by Slater and Gordon lawyers to Ralph BLEWITT recently in respect of the conveyancing and mortgage on the premises situate at 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy  in February/March, 1993.
Included in that file is a document entitled Specific Power of Attorney with a back sheet with BLEWITT's name and the details for Slater and Gordon lawyers.   The Specific Power of Attorney records words to the effect that it was signed on 4 February, 1993 and that the signature of Ralph BLEWITT was witnessed by Julia GILLARD then a solicitor.
Attached hereto is a copy of that document Specific Power of Attorney that I believe Mr BLEWITT signed in Perth in the week 15-19 February, 1993.
That Specific Power of Attorney was used by WILSON to purchase the property at 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy and also to secure a $150,000 mortgage in BLEWITT's name  BLEWITT tells me he was unaware of the mortgage and the Power of Attorney does not on the face of it grant authority to incur borrowing liabilities on BLEWITT's behalf.
I am concerned that Mr BLEWITT has reported a serious indictable offence to me, that is the creation and use of a false document, backdated and constructed so as to deceive a person seeing it into believing that it is a Specific Power of Attorney granted on 4 February, 1993 with the donor Ralph BLEWITT'S signature properly witnessed by the solicitor Julia Eileen GILLARD.   BLEWITT tells me it was only signed by him after WILSON had signed the contract for sale of  the property at Kerr Street and that GILLARD was not present at all when he BLEWITT signed it.
I have made some  comments about the use and production of the Power of Attorney and have included copies of contracts and the like here:
Chief Commissioner certain information in my possession in the form of documents posted on my website from The Australian Industrial Relations Court, The Western Australia Police, Slater and Gordon and the Australian Workers' Union suggest that the purchase of 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy was a money laundering exercise with around $100,000 of the purchase price being funded by money from an entity called Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association.   Neither BLEWITT nor WILSON had any authority to use the money of that Association to purchase property in their private capacities.
His Honour Commissioner Ian Cambridge of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission swore an affidavit in proceedings in the Australian Industrial Relations Court in September, 1996 in which he described and produced copies of the cheques that were drawn on the AWU-WRA to finance the purchase. His Honour described the money as the property of the Australian Workers' Union and said that it was money stolen from the union.    All of the relevant files are available at www.michaelsmithnews.com   
The purpose of this note to you Chief Commissioner is to make a report of the apparent creation of a false document, a document which purports to be a  Specific Power of Attorney dated 4 February, 1993 with the donor Ralph BLEWITT's signature  witnessed by Julia Eileen GILLARD.   I believe that the backsheet on that document carries the partnership code for Slater and Gordon lawyers and the solicitor code JEG which may stand for Julia Eileen GILLARD and taken together those codes have caused me to form the opinion that Julia GILLARD probably created the document at the offices of Slater and Gordon solicitors in Melbourne.   
I am aware that Ms GILLARD is currently the Prime Minister of Australia and thus my report to you rather than to a watch-house.  I have told my readers that I'll let them know of this report and I'll post a copy of this letter to my website as well as emailing it to you.
I received a QC's opinion about the criminal offences disclosed in the course of conduct associated with the creation, dating and witnessing of the Power of Attorney and the circumstances in which Mr BLEWITT made his disclosure to me about this matter.   Based on that QC's opinion I feel obliged to now formally make this report of a crime with a known offender.
Yours sincerely,
Michael P. Smith
Telephone contact details for me and Ralph BLEWITT available by return email