The AWU Scandal - Ralph Blewitt talks about the Power of Attorney - Transcript
The AWU Scandal - Miss Gillard's story about Ralph the property investor doesn't add up

Thank You

We've had a record few days on the blog here.   The counter resets at 11AM (2400 GMT) - so far today we've had 25,000 page impressions and we're not halfway through the day.

As you've seen blog comments are going through the roof too.   I am absolutely convinced that the intellectual firepower, life experience and sheer wisdom that you see on this blog are big reasons that The AWU Scandal is now gaining so much prominence.

I wanted to talk today about how happy I am that Ralph Blewitt could have a forum here to tell his story, in the same way that I'd hope to support .any other "little person" who has a story that the powerful don't want told.

I speak to plenty of mainstream media types who've  really given me heaps for allowing the Blewitt interview to go to air.   They tell me that the PM and her apparatchiks will go ballistic, that they'll try to shut us down and that if she can find a single flaw in what's published here it will affect the validity of the whole story.

Now at that point I'd ask you to pause for thought.   What that main-stream school of thought is doing is to endorse the known, daily lies that Miss Gillard is allowed to get away with (I did nothing wrong, I was young and naive, I was terribly decieved by Bruce, I've answered every question etc), but saying that becaause the little guy doesn't have a phalanx of legal reps and corroborators he can take a walk and be left with no voice unless he's got major corroboration. It's a vastly different standard.    She doesn't have to have corroboration, or even tell the truth - and it will still be reported because she's the PM.  It's like if Miss Gillard says the most outrageous lie, that everyone knows is a lie, the broadcasters and big papers jwill run it anyway knowing they won't get in strife  because she's the PM.   The lie for her doesn't matter.   The stuff I've heard about the risks of running Ralph Blewitt's story has really floored me - the standards of proof some outlets want are ridiculous because the oorollary of believing Ralph is that you're saying almost out loud that Gillard is lying.   I reckon we're all equal and truth is the only consideration in what stories should get told.

So I'm pleased to let the little guy speak if it's the truth.   I was sure with Bob Kernohan and I haven't changed one iota with Bob.  On the single issue of the Specific Power of Attorney and when/if it was witnessed by Miss Gillard I'd say that Ralph Blewitt has the absolute ring of truth about him.

That does mean that the "I did nothing wrong" mantra gets more and more hollow every day.   The obvious question is "so what happens next?   I'd say that there are quite a few phone calls in Labor circles tonight - and I hope in law enforcement too.   Let's face it - $500,000.00 odd in other people's money has gone west - it'd be nice to know that someone cared!

I really do feel that with the many open lines of enquiry, the new informtion that I know is to come out and the fact that for a coverup to remain in place so many people have to stay silent - all of that means that justice is coming!   And I think that now, the momentum is unstoppable - so thank you!