The AWU Scandal - the conveyancing file produced with Cambridge's affidavit
The AWU Scandal - sale of 1/85 Kerr Street in 1996 by Blewitt

The AWU Scandal - Blewitt's address for correspondence

The more I look at the Slater and Gordon files on the conveyancing and the mortgage the more questions I have.

The file is noteworthy for the absence of note on attendance.   Lawyers are like police, it's all noted down.   If you go to a lawyer and engage them to act for you, they need to open a file and then write down your instructions and then what they did on your instructions.

If someone comes to the lawyers office with say a contract, a power of attorney and a property transfer form, the receptionists and para-legals are trained to write down say "delivered by courier, no note attached" or similar.   This file is exceptional for the absence of a lot of that stuff.

But it's the instruction side that's the most deficient.   Who gave Miss Gillard instructions to create the power of attorney?   Where?  When?   Why?   How was it to be limited?   Over what time?   When would Blewitt check in to see what had been done with it?   Was Blewitt her client?   Was she acting for him?   Goodness me, what a mess.

So to Blewitt's address for service.   These are the two covers sheets for the Mortgage and the Conveyancing files.   Someone out of the ether has decided to instruct the administrative staff that Blewitt's correspondence is to go to the Northbridge Post Office Box and not his home.  That could have been Blewitt because he didn't want his wife to see it, it could have been Wilson, who knows.   The absence of notes from lawyers supervising the matter is extraordinary.

Keep in the back of your mind that this is Blewitt's file, released to him because he is the purchaser of the property.   Amazing.

One last point.   I have perused the file extensively.   There is not one letter addressed to Blewitt at that address.

Change of address re blewitt post office
  Change of address re blewitt post office 2