Ralph Blewitt tells his story about the Gillard Power of Attorney
The AWU Scandal - Ralph Blewitt talks about the Power of Attorney - Transcript

The AWU Scandal - it will take the mainstream media quite a while to work out that this is important

Here's the beginner's guide.

Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson are lovers.

Gillard's already set up the AWU-WRA for Wilson.

Wilson wants to buy a house in Melbourne but doesn't want his own name on the title deed.

Wilson signs a contract to buy 51 Kerr Street Fitzroy, but decides it should be in Ralph's name.   The date is 13 February, 1993.

Wilson flies to Perth on or about 15 February, 1993.  He carries a Specific Power of Attorney document drafted by Julia Gillard of Slater and Gordon.

Wilson gets Blewitt to sign the document in Perth on or about 16 February, 1993.

Gillard signs the document that says she witnessed Blewitt sign it on 4 February, 1993.

Now Blewitt tells all, it was backdated and Gillard wasn't there.