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Random Posting from the past - Gillard's bulltish - The AWU Scandal - Piece by piece the protection of lies is dissolving

We've been told so many times, by so many people, with so much evidence.

The message is this - Julia Gillard is lying, today, about the AWU-WRA.

Mark Baker has this story today in The Age and other Fairfax newspapers.

Gillard's account of union slush fund rejected

October 29,  2012

Mark Baker

A KEY former union accountant has undermined Julia Gillard's depiction of a  slush fund she helped set up in 1992 as being a legitimate association needed to  help finance union election campaigns.

Ms Gillard - then a salaried partner at law firm Slater & Gordon - gave  extensive legal support to the establishment in Perth of the Australian Workers  Union Workplace Reform Association from which more than $400,000 was stolen by  her then boyfriend.

She told a media conference in August that she understood the association's  purpose was to gather money from payroll deductions and other fund-raising  events ''where it would be transparent to people that the money was going to  support their re-election campaign''.

After it was revealed in 1995 that the association had been corrupted by Ms  Gillard's boyfriend and senior AWU official Bruce Wilson, she told senior  partners at Slater & Gordon: ''Every union has what it refers to as an  election fund, a slush fund … so that they can finance their next election campaign.'' 

But the man who was the West Australian branch accountant of the AWU at the  time says the union already had an election fund and there was no precedent to  establish such a formal legal entity as the Workplace Reform Association for  such a purpose.

Russell Frearson said the association was operated in complete secrecy by Mr  Wilson and his crony, AWU state secretary Ralph Blewitt, with a separate bank  account and post box address.

Mr Frearson said neither he, other branch officials nor the AWU's auditors  knew anything about the association until its operations were exposed in 1995.  ''They kept it very close to their chests. No one knew what was going on,'' he  told The Age.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/gillards-account-of-union-slush-fund-rejected-20121029-28dqt.html#ixzz2AcwGdGJX


The Auditors didn't know, the rest of the union didn't know, the authorities didn't know, and only a perhaps one or maybe two people in Thiess really knew.

The union had some good people who started to smell a rat, but they were hosed down by Julia Gillard and Bernard Murphy with the rather formidable defamation action they brought in defence of Ralph Blewitt.

This note from Detective Sergeant McAlpine might help to put things in perspective too.