UPDATED My report to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria - this is the complaint that triggered the AWU investigation
The AWU Scandal - Dr John Lourens give us a precis

The AWU Scandal - Slater and Gordon have lost the file

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Here's a note from nutjob2

Hi Michael, I’m curious, if Mark Baker from Fairfax can suggest that there is a letter written by Julia Gillard to the Corporate Affairs Commission in W.A. and that that has been cleared by the Legal team to print that, then that would suggest to me that they have seen the letter or their source for the letter is a very good source. Now S & G says that the Julia Gillard file has been lost, so where did Mark Baker get his info from? I’m thinking Nick Styant-Brown has a copy, if this is so it would the appear to me that there might be a game of chess being played in the back ground.

Just as an aside, what a difference a year makes!   Fairfax wouldn't let any of Bob Kernohan's interview go to air last year because his claims were damaging to the Prime Minister's reputation.   Now Mark Baker can print as fact reports that Miss Gillard wrote the letter-of-comfort to the Corporate Affairs Commissioner purely on the basis that a bloke told him that it existed.

Well I am accountable to the same standards so far as publishing is concerned as www.smh.com.au or any other publisher in Australia.   And I too am now satisfied to say unequivocally that Julia Gilard wrote a letter to the Corporate Affairs Commissioner in Western Australia (not the minister) stating that the Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association was a legitimate entity set up to do the things described in its Objects of Association.   She lied to further deceive the Commissioner into incorporating a fictional entity that her boyfriend used to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars.  She herself admitted in a recorded interview that she was unable to rule out the possibility that money from  that entity was used to pay for renovations to her own home.

On 11 September, 1995 Miss Gillard was questioned about the Association by investigating partners at Slater and Gordon.   The unofficial file in which she had hidden the paperwork associated with the creation of the sham entity was on the desk.   I am sure that the investigating partners would have been concerned with their professional indemnity insurances and perhaps would have been obliged to make a report to their insurers.   In any case neither Slater and Gordon nor Miss Gillard reported the existence of the AWU-WRA to authorities - but its existence and the file's existence was then formally known to the firm.

Several weeks ago Ralph Blewitt engaged Galbally Rolfe Solicitors to act for him in Melbourne.   Galbally Rolfe was successful in securing for Mr Blewitt a copy of the conveyancing and mortgage file on the property transaction in February/March 1993 for 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy and you have seen much of that  file here.

Ralph Blewitt was ostensibly the public officer of the sham entity AWU-WRA.   He also requested a copy of the firm's file on that entity.

Here is Slater and Gordon's letter to Galbally Rolfe.   Note in particular the paragraph asking Mr Blewitt to give further and better particulars of the capacity in which he seeks the file - there is no hint then that the file had ceased to exist as is now being stated by the Slater and Gordon managing director Andrew Grech.

Slater and Gordon AWU-WRA acknowledgement

Slater and gordon letter one

Slater and gordon letter two