The Victoria Police file on The AWU Scandal has been released to Harry Nowicki
The AWU Scandal - Ralph Blewitt's statement

The AWU Scandal - Slater and Gordon help Wilson/Blewitt out with a mortgage

Below is the offer document, ostensibly to Blewitt, offering him a mortgage of $150,000.  It was never sent to Blewitt, Blewitt never saw it and did not know that he had been offered or given the loan.

The following precis was given to me by a lawyer associated with Blewitt and I have his permission to publish it.

The Gillard explanation of Ralph Blewit as a property investor in February 1993 with $93,000.00 in excess cash is fanciful.  

The facts are that Blewitt bought his home at 138 Warwick Rd Duncraig on 13 May 1988 for the sum of $ $78,000.00 and secured a mortgage in the sum of $ 74,777 at 12.75% interest. His wife owned a hairdressing business with a girlfriend at the local shopping centre, working part time earning pocket money.

Before February 1993 he had met Gillard a few times – once professionally in February/ March 1992 when he attended a conference with Wilson at Slater and Gordon Melbourne to discuss the incorporation of the Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association.

After Wilson was appointed Victorian AWU Branch secretary in June 1992 Blewitt met Julia Gillard socially a few times for a coffee with Wilson. At this stage Wilson had not made a decision to move to Melbourne permanently.

Wilson told Blewitt to withdraw $ 25,000 from the AWU-WRA account on 10 February 1993 in anticipation of the auction on the 13 February 1993. On that day he was advised by Wilson that the property had been bought in his (Blewitt's) name for $ 230,000.

Anyone who knew Wilson and Blewitt would know that Wilson was a person of ability and dominated Blewitt who was a loyal follower with limited abilities and a will that was subject to Wilson ‘s overwhelming dominance . He was not an independent decision maker in these matters.

You will note that the offer document is dated 10 March, 1993.   It is signed and returned by Wilson on that day, exercising the Specific Power of Attorney dated 4 February.

Offer of mortgage letter 1
Offer of mortgage letter 2
Offer of mortgage letter 3