The AWU Scandal - Blewitt has released the property purchase file - it starts with the Power of Attorney
The AWU Scandal - someone at Slater and Gordon was taking an intense interest in the Kerr Street purchase

The AWU Scandal - The property purchase - Slater and Gordon fees written off

One of the features of Ian Cambridge's affidavit is the inclusion of a couple of letters to Ralph Blewitt about the purchase of 51 Kerr Street Fitzroy.

The notes that Cambridge had were incomplete but included the bill of fees and disbursements.   I noted when I first read Cambridge's affidavit and the attachments, the day after I first spoke to Bob Kernohan and before I recorded the interview that 2UE would not allow to be played, that the fee for Slater and Gordon's work had been declined.   I thought then that it would have required a partner's authorisation to write off that money.

That's why I wrote to Miss Gillard last year and asked her whether she had authorised the firm doing that work for free.   I received no answer.

Now, thanks to Ralph Blewitt's release of this file to me we don't need to write to the PM, we can see in the answer in the complete file.   Here it is.


Authority to write off bad debt 1



Authority to write off bad debt 2
Authority to write off bad debt 3
Authority to write off bad debt 4