The AWU Scandal - Julia Gillard's interview about the Kerr Street Fitzroy purchase
The Victoria Police file on The AWU Scandal has been released to Harry Nowicki

The AWU Scandal - why did an industrial lawyer draft the power of attorney

Slater and Gordon had a property section, it was used to doing conveyancing and handling such things as legitimate Powers of Attorney.

Ralph Blewitt was a fit man, sound mind, able to use the phone, the mail etc.   In fact so much so that Julia Gillard described him as an astute property investor, able to come up with the deposit and make the mortgage payments etc.

Yet Julia Gillard, industrial relations lawyer, drafted the Power of Attorney to grant power over Blewitt's property affairs to her boyfriend Bruce Wilson?

And no one asked any questions?

Thanks to the many lawyers and others who have sent me the correct act for the time.   Here's the cover sheet.

Instruments powers of attorney act

Download Instruments powers of attorney act 

And if you're in a particularly good mood, check out this case law that was sent to me as well.