1st claim of Paul Howes - no members money lost in the AWU scandal - the redundancies cheques certainly were
Handwriting on the Collins cheque

The Bogus Redundancies - More details on the lack of action

On 14 April, 1997, McClellands Solicitors wrote to Steve Harrison (then the National Secretary of the AWU, the same position now held by Paul Howes) providing him with a detailed list of litigation involving the AWU.

I'll give you some excerpts from McClelland's commentary about the redundancy payments.

Just to establish the letter's origins, here's the letterhead

McClellands letterhead

Here is McClelland's commentary about the orders that you know about.

Mcclellands re redundancy 1
Mcclellands re redundancy 2

The Applicant is Bill Ludwig.   As McClellands says, "UP to this time, the Applicant has not enforced the orders of the court."   Still not.  Bill gave the impression of doing something, but actually did nothing to get the money back.

Why?   What did Wilson have over him.   Wilson was easy to contact, but no action to recover money was taken.