The Cambridge Affidavit - the Exhibits - UPDATED 30 October, 2012
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The Redundancy Cheques - who signed them? The man who took Mark Latham's seat!

Steve Harrison is one of the signatories on the rushed through redundancy cheques that Wilson, Blewitt et al received as they left the AWU.

You'll recall that Ian Cambridge spoke about a member of the union's staff flying from Sydney to Melbourne to deliver the cheques and have them cashed.

Well I'm told that the other signatory is Chris Hayes MP, the Federal Labor member for the seat of Fowler, elected in 2010.


Christ Hayes MP


He's been in the Federal Parliament in another safe Labor seat too, Mark Latham's old seat of Werriwa, which Chris won after Mark gave it away in 2005 and again in 2007.

Chris's bio notes say that he was the Assistant National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union before he went into the parliament.

I'm told this is his signature on Bruce Wilson's cheque.

Redundancy cheque wilson
Here's Chris's website.

And here's his email address.

Chris hayes letter 29 october 2012_001