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To "The Media" from Bill and Michael

I've had several enquiries today from very senior Australian journalists/editors and one from an overseas media organisation about my correspondence from Bill Parker and the ABC.

In the interests of completeness, here is the entire email chain between Bill, the ABC and me.   I have removed email addresses because Bill asked me to remove them from his correspondence.

Now I'll add one of my own volition.

Mr Mulhall's is

If you want to verify that his email to Bill is genuine, please feel free to contact him.   He's a public servant and the ABC's policy on its email addresses is widely known, surname.christian

Love your work!  Never, never stop Mate 'cause it's only the good people that stand between us and ....!
(As an aside, I'm staggered that the Feds are gallingly 'recovering' Lost Super to consolidated revenue.  This is actual confiscation of private citizen's money; but that's a topic for another time - once the crooks are in jail!)
I've included below a little 'dig' I recently had at the ABC.  I am staggered they can even be 'seen' to be so complicit.
Never mind.
It occurred to me that the original registration application for the ACU-WRA to the Department for Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP) might be a useful document to obtain.  At the very least it would state the names of the 5 applicants.  Wouldn't it be interesting to see who they were?
I'm guessing this has already been tried (without luck?); if that's the case I just wonder if there's any other way of obtaining the document?
Again -- good luck and keep up the good work.
The silent majority Thank You!
PS if you publish any of this please just ensure the email addresses are removed - I don't want to be accused of publishing ABC email contact details :-)
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Sent: Wednesday, 24 October 2012 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: ABC News query
Thanks for your reply.  I am impressed that you've actually taken the time to craft a thought-through reply even if I have to take you to task regarding it!
For example, you state "... unaware of any allegation in the public domain which goes to the Prime Minister's integrity"
It would seem you are not aware of the sworn affidavit and claims of Bob Kernohan (freely available to your 'previous' audience on the internet).
Nor could you possibly believe -- or even assert -- that the PM "exhausted all questions on the issue" when she ambushed a gullible (I use that term rather than 'complicit' as it's less affronting isn't it) media.  Goodness, Hedley Thomas wasn't even there (could that have been by design?), let alone three of four other journalists who might provide some perceptive questioning.  I do concede you may have had some of your obviously biased reporters there ("Joke Hockey" is a bit demeaning isn't it) 
....  but I don't recall any "detailed" or knowledgeable  questions being asked.
For example, there were no questions about the PM writing to the West Australian authorities to convince them of the Bona-Fides of the AWU-WRA; nothing about (allegedly) witnessing a Power of Attorney as a Solicitor and a Partner of a Law Firm (misrepresenting your client) whilst not in Perth; nor of back-dating same said document which in any event was created after the purchase of the house.  (Is any of that illegal in your book or is it only illegal if it's committed by Politicans of one particular colour?)
Dear, oh dear ...  is 'ol Auntie really that irrelevant?
I'll watch (not the ABC obviously!) and wait until justice can be seen to be done for all.
...  Thanks (or maybe no thanks) to the ABC.

To: "
Sent: Tuesday, 23 October 2012 2:08 PM
Subject: ABC News query

Dear Mr Parker,

Thank you for your email regarding Mr Blewitt's statements.  The ABC is aware of these statements but we do not at this stage believe it warrants the attention of our news coverage.

To the extent that it may touch tangentially on a former role of the Prime Minister, we know The Australian newspaper maintains an abiding interest in events 17 years ago at the law firm Slater and Gordon, but the ABC is unaware of any allegation in the public domain which goes to the Prime Minister's integrity.  If indeed Ms Gillard has had questions to answer, ABC News reported those answers from her lengthy media conference of 24/8/12 in which she exhausted all questions on the issue.

However, if any allegation is ever raised which might go to the Prime Minister's integrity, the ABC would of course make inquiries into it and seek to report it.  As for matters concerning Mr Bruce Wilson, ABC News will cover the case against him as it proceeds.

Once again thank you for your query.

Best regards,

John Mulhall
ACT News Editor, ABC News


To: Audience & Consumer Affairs
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Subject: Gillard Wilson Corruption
Date: 22/10/12 19:44

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by bill parker
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Subject: Gillard Wilson Corruption

Comments: Given Ralph Blewitt is prepared to speak on the record why are you not covering this corruption?
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