The search for the smoking gun
Bruce Wilson's various bank accounts - mid-1995

A few words about money available to Bruce Wilson in July, 1995

Wayne Hem tells us about $5,000 in cash handed to him by Bruce Wilson and Wilson's directions that Hem deposit the cash into a bank account styled Julia Gillard.   Hem's recollection is that this happened in July, 1995.

July 1995 was around the time that very serious suspicions and some direct allegations about Wilson and misappropriated cash were first raised within the AWU.   A few weeks later he was gone and a builder attended at the AWU headquarters looking for payment he'd done at Julia Gillard's property in Abbotsford.

Like you, I don't know where the $5,000 came from.   One source that investigators would look at is the bank accounts used by Wilson in his scams, one of them was a bank account styled AWU-Workplace Reform Association and it (the Association) had been set up only after the corporate affairs commissioner was deceived by Ms Gillard.

In the first couple of days of this blog I put up two entries about the withdrawals of money from 2 of Wilson's accounts.

The first account I examined was the Commonwealth Bank account associated with the AWU-Workplace Reform Association and the blog entry is here.   Remember this was the sham entity Ms Gillard helped to set up.   It was not discovered by the union until 8 months after Wilson left the union.

The second account was the AWU-Members Welfare Asssociation No1 Account and the summary of withdrawals from that account is posted here. 

Soon, more about other accounts operated by Wilson.