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Jason Morrison, a great man and a great mate - he's on your side too

Jason Morrison



You know that I had a bit of bother with Fairfax management.

It's when the chips are down that you know who your friends are.

I am proud that Jason Morrison is my friend.

He's a great bloke, but more than that he is a first-class journalist, a scribe and broadcaster of record, a man who puts the truth first, then lets the cards fall where they will.

Jason Morrison loyally goes in to work at 2UE every day, going in to bat against the master of the radio craft Alan Jones at 2GB.  

When Alan Jones had his dramas with the Facebook and Twitter people every conceivable interest group got stuck in to him.   The ABC, Fairfax, advertisers - even some in the Murdoch press.   One bloke was conspicuous for sticking to his guns in his admiration for his commercial competitor - and that was Jason Morrison.   He never took the cheap shot at Alan, he just came in every day to tell the truth at 2UE.

I have made a promise to myself to stick by my mates through thick and thin.  Jason Morrison has proven to be a mate to me.

Jason's employers are at 2UE and ultimately Fairfax Media.   You might like to let them know how you feel about Jason - or let Jason himself know.

It's not easy to always tell the truth.   Let's get behind someone who's showing us the way.

2UE's feedback contact details are here

Jason Morrison's email is

Fairfax Media's contact details are

Thank you Jason.   You are my mate.