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Another cracker of an ABC response

21 November, 2012 - the incorporation of the Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association

Here are a few posts that explain a little about the background of the AWU-WRA Incorporated.

It's by no means an exhaustive collection of the known details of the Association.

To understand The AWU Scandal, you need to understand the role of the AWU-WRA.

Most importantly, Julia Gillard has said that her role in the matter of the AWU-WRA was limited to the provision of legal advice about its incorporation in 1992.   She says - well let's hear it in her own words at her 23 August, 2012 press conference:

"My role in relation to this was I provided advice as a solicitor. I am not the signatory to the documents that incorporated this association. I was not an office bearer of the association. I had no involvement in the working of the association. I provided advice in relation to its establishment and that was it.”  

The Prime Minister has also said that she had no knowledge of the operation of the association after its incorporation.

That is at odds with her statement in her departure interview with her partners in Slater and Gordon acknowledging she could not rule out the possibility that the Association's money had been used in the renovation of her own house.   That disclosure gives rise to an understanding of the Association's operations that goes beyond the simple incorporation and on to bank accounts, continued operation of bank accounts until at least late 1994 from 1992, the presence of sufficient funds in those accounts to make a contribution to her own renovations and most importantly - the possibility that the Assocaition's money could have been put to a purpose that was manifestly improprer. 

The question I'd pose to you - having read these posts - and keeping as objective a mind as you can, what's your opinion about the formation of the AWU-WRA Inc.   Was it a case of "I did nothing wrong", Julia Gillard's current position on her work.

The AWU-WRA – the original incorporation.

The timing of money coming in to it.

Keeping it secret from the rest – it couldn’t have worked
without secrecy.

Whose handwriting is on the form?

Gillard has never answered my questions from one year ago
about the association.

 A comment from
Hillbilly33 that people close to the association have said was an important reference that sets out the role of the association and its fundamentally improper nature.