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Commissioner Ian Walter Cambridge

I would like to set the record straight about Ian Cambridge and also to set out a few ground-rules for this little piece of the internet.

No human I know of could have done more to bring The AWU Scandal to the attention of the proper authorities than Ian Cambridge did.

Commissioner Cambridge's call for a Royal Commission into his union was unprecedented and it remains a unique call to root out union corruption.

Ian Cambridge and his family, small children, suffered greatly as a direct result of his honesty and his action.   In that regard he has something in common with Bob Kernohan and latterly Kathy Jackson.

While it must have been a relief to move on to a job at the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission, you'd be hard-pressed to describe it as a bribe.   The published salary package for an IRC commissioner in NSW at the time was considerably less than the package for the National Secretary of the AWU.

You know I don't impose censorship - but I won't cop untrue and unfair defamation of a good man's character.  And Ian Cambridge is a good man.