Money Laundering - it's a crime!
Bruce Wilson

Dear Prime Minister. You are a liar. UPATED 16 JANUARY, 2013

I first posted this piece on 24 November, last year.   It's been lost in the wash and I thought you might appreciate seeing it again.

I have closely examined the mortgage and conveyance file from Slater and Gordon about 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy.   Nowhere does Ralph Blewitt actually sign anything, execute anything, sign or seal anything to procure the mortgage.   There is some evidence of mail addressed to his address, and he produces a couple of cheques in answer to what he says were requests over the phone.

Compare and contrast Ralph Blewitt's conduct and knowledge with Julia Gillard's.   She states in a formal record of interview that she did not know that her firm provided a mortgage for the purchase of the house.   Keep in mind she was given her marching orders on after this record of interview and her answers were accepted.   If, as Nick Styant Browne states an "adverse view" were to be taken of her conduct, far more serious action may have been taken by the firm.

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This previously redacted question asked of Julia Gillard in her departure interview reveals so much about the person.

Peter Gordon: “Were you aware at any time that the balance of the funds to make up the capital was to be provided by contributory mortgage of which Jonathan Rothfield (a Slater & Gordon partner) was trustee?”

Julia Gillard: “I don’t, I don’t think I knew that at the time, where the source of funds was. It’s subsequently been raised with me that that was done through the Slater & Gordon mortgage register but I didn’t have any recollection of that.”

It's significant because the Slater and Gordon mortgage and the property purchase had the effect of facilitating money laundering.

Julia Gillard says she did not know about the mortgage.

Here is the memo from Sylvia Dickson (from the finance arm of Slater and Gordon) to Olive Brosnahan, saying that the loan approval letter was forthcoming.   Note Sylvia states that she assume Olive is dealing with someone local.

Loan approval letter memo

So Sylvia is keen to point out that Olive is dealing with someone local.

Here is the letter of offer, signed on the same day as it's issued, by Bruce Wilson.

Letter of offer one
Offer of mortgage letter 2
Offer of mortgage letter 3
So all of that is done and dusted on 10 March, 1993.   Blewitt knew nothing, the letter was handed over to Wilson, he signed it, accepted it and returned it the same day.

But that night there must have been some telepathic discussion between Bruce Wilson who knew about the mortgage and Julia Gillard who knew nothing.

Here is the dated letter from Julia's PA about the penalty interest.

Julia managed the deal
Same day.   Julia would like a memo.  Not Bruce.   Not Ralph.   Julia would like a memo about the penalty mortgage interest on the mortgage she knew nothing about.

Olive obliged in handwriting first.

Penalty interest slater and gordon 2
But someone wanted something in writing they could keep - so Olive's note was typed up.

Penalty interest slater and gordon 1
And all about that mortgage that Julia Gillard knew nothing about.