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Tinaroo john



"Do you know anyone who takes JEG seriously?"

Honestly (strange word in some circles) .... NUP

A. Collins

Four files missing from different States relating to the same legal issues and there is no police investigation!!!!

Time for someone with intestinal fortitude to take the reigns and nub out the corruption and protectionism that is at the highest level.

Barnett government ministers (WA) are doing nought about it so this protectionism appears to bridge the political divide. With an election looming in WA the Barnett government had better start thinking about the interests of the people and act on it.

Cheryl Clifford

People that I talk to just can't believe that she has gotten away with it for so long. Joe Blogg on the street would have been dealt with quick smart. I guess poor old Joe isn't as cunning and corrupt as that thing. I suppose slow and steady does it to make sure all the T's are crossed and the i's are dotted. Can't make one mistake with that viper ready to strike if there is one word wrong. I'm as bright as a dark night but even I can see that Gillard will only go out kicking and screaming.

Maggie Qld.

No. Not a soul.

Four files missing, one file disgusting; two files unbelievable; three files someone is definitely trying to hide the truth; four files major conspiracy.

Thank you for reminding us the Police are already involved.

R we there yet

Since you asked.. perhaps Mr Albaneasy , N Roxon , T Matheison, a Mr B Wilson, P, Wong , Mr Combet, P Garrett, S Crean,Mr Swan, B Shorten,Macklin,Emmerson,B O`Connor,Mr Carr,Mc Teirnen,Howes,Mr Conroy,Someone Smith(Defense )??Even K Rudd?? However I only know of their images from a certain media angle.They seem to take her seriously.


No one I know. And world leaders like Obama, the Europeans Gillard lectured on fiscal responsibility and the business leaders Conroy said he could force to wear red underpants on their heads will all be aware of this issue simmering away.

They will be aghast or pissing themselves laughing.

Kind of makes Keating's banana republic remarks true, although he didn't say Labor was going to take us there.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, tell me that when you have sorted out this lot of rabble, you will start on TASMANIA?


Unfortunately, there ARE people out there who cannot or will not see the truth of what Michael has published, and followed on by several other commentators, journos, etc. On at least two forums I visit, one is lambasted with vicious vitriol, if one tries to point out even the smallest fault of that woman. So people, let's not kid ourselves that this is going to be an easy ride to convince the public of the truth. We have seen the stepping up of the attacks on Abbott, and now on Ms Bishop.

Mick S

I only know one woman who is about 70 years old and a true Labor rusted on supporter who says, "Leave her alone and stop picking on her'
Fair enough, but everyone else...I mean everone else I have discussed politics with ove rthe past couple of years ALL say 'she is a shocking PM' they they describe her as a liar, untrustworthy (dishonest), nasty, a waster, a man-iser (opposite of womaniser) and also on a personal level an adulterer and husband stealer. Comments like, how can you bare it? and she's a joke.
Let's face it, this one has a lot of issues and the only one person I know who said stop picking on her, actually didn't defend her actions.
NOTE: A disillusioned Labor supporter will more often than not say ' All polititans are as bad as each other'.....and I say..."Ahhh, you vote Labor!'


I had a nightmare about her the other night. It was to do with her using the wrong name, and I was about to tell some bloke, and she was hovering and following me and doing everything she could to stop me. When I started talking to him she put on really loud music. It was interesting because my intuition is usually good so I'd guess that somewhere along the way false names have been used. That would be my interpretation. Has anyone seen her birth certificate? There was a baby in my dream (her baby) ......... oh ............... wait a minute ......................................... I'm not saying another word.


I worked, many years ago in the Federal Court and also the Family Court jurisdictions. I could not go down to the Federal Court registry and help myself to a file, I would have to give the number of the file and sign it out. I had more to do with handling of files in the Family Court, but once again they were all signed in and out and locked away in compactors at night. I dont know who kept the keys. Certainly kept locked at night, so the cleaners or anybody else working alone at night would not have access to peoples personal lives. There would have been a panic if the contents of a file had gone missing. I imagine dismissal for the person who had signed it out last.


yes. I have been told :

- she is nod guildy of polluding the English langwidge, she merely has a quaint turn of phrase.

- the AWU business is a conspiracy driven by the Murdoch press, big tobacco and misogynist nutjobs.

- she has had to renege on a few promises, because of her commitment to do the "right thing". e.g. carbon tax

- people pick on her because she is a female.

- she is respected by all the leaders of the major nations.

- she has brought respect and dignity to the office of the Prime Minister.

- documents implicating her in the AWU affair are forged.

- she has been subjected to a vile and constant stream of verbal abuse from Tony Abbott.

So there you have it. At base she is an honourable, upstanding citizen.


I have a some neighbours who do, but thankfully I don't mix with them.
The worrying ones are Marr n Farr, Coorey, Hartcher, Maiden, Oakes, Grattan etc plus the conga line of female lifestyle and celebrity reporters.

John Greyhair

There is a more pressing need for a Judicial Inquiry into the disappearance of Court files and the delays in investigating criminal activity than any other item on Australia's agenda. If CORRUPTION is not nipped in the bud then bye bye democracy.


We should all observe the last couple of weeks as JEG as Prime Minister.

Not even McTernan can play God with what I believe is coming in the next 10 business days.

Well done Michael and team.


Q. "Do you know anyone who takes JEG seriously?"




Madam Trash should be taken very seriously.As cunning as and three times as dangerous when cornered.


I run a business and while I don't canvass opinions from my customers on politics but I do about "how's business", I have lost track of the number that almost physically cringe when they offer up her name or mention the government. I deal pretty close to the work face and I can't recall a single person with a good word to say about her.

Larry P summed it up pretty well - "they are a putrid lot".

Tell you something for free. The unions are already raising a war chest from "donations" from their members for the next Federal election and spreading their bias in the construction industry. It is not JEG you have to worry about!

If TA doesn't go straight for the jugular in the next session we are all going to suffer.

After a careful preamble of salient points by the opposition, I just want to hear that one question on the floor of the house. "You disgraced your profession as a lawyer, why are you disgracing the office you hold now by lying to the House and the nation?"

Followed immediately by a vote of no confidence in her.

Judy Fuller

McTernan must be feeling quite ill, as both Christopher Pyne and Abbott when questioned by jounos about Julie Bishop case have turned the question around beautifully. The dirty tricks campaign which is a daily insult to Abbott and co is now not working too well. HO HO HO.


Well our PM is off to Asia this morning meeting with Obama ..again...!


Do I?
Let's see:
My sister hates her and calls her a crook,other inlaws etc know she is totally incompetent and wonders how things can be proved against her without her having to accept the same treatment any citizen would be subjected to in similar circumstances, my daughter is appalled at her personal lack of values, hates her IR laws that are destroying small businesses left right and centre and isn't surprised she could do crooked things, but is most offended by the three marriage breakups she caused- a visitor this morning calls her "that awful wicked woman" and told me this morning she found the AWU scandal too complicated but believed that Gillard was fully involved because it makes more sense than saying she was innocent in that job, that relationship and at that age --my friend shakes her head and says" it's awful our country has stooped to this level" when the woman is mentioned..and I despise her and believe she did a number of "wrong" things--ie the WA Commissioner was misled, the POA is suspiciously illegal according to Blewitt, she definitely committed misprision of a felony but so did her S and G colleagues in the know,they should be made to account for that also-- maybe she took cash towards her house reno, maybe she lived it up on the cash and she must have turned a blind eye to the activities of Brucieboy if she was NOT involved, but I get very angry about the WA widows fund and the dudding of the AWU ,a major S and G client, since she is patently now an AWU plant to further Ludwig and co's aims!
So much for union solidarity,as it seems to work for the furtherance of the top eschelons, not the paying workers!GR!

Mick Banton

There is a female councilor in my electorate who absolutely adores Gillard and likes to promote herself as a 'strong woman' like her hero. She keeps a framed photo of Gillard in her house, loves the ALP and is prone to self aggrandizement and publicity stunts. She has two convictions for drink driving, works for Emilys List and is a thoroughly obnoxious and arrogant person, in fact she fits the Labor mould perfectly. She believes and is on the record justifying Labor borrowing billions because as she says, 'Government debt has a guaranteed payback, its called taxes.' She knows who she is.


I work in her electorate and, unfortunately, she is well liked and respected. My colleagues will not hear a bad word said against her. Tony Abbott on the other hand is despised.

Gavin H



"Now Gillard tries it again:

TENSIONS between the media and Julia Gillard over her involvement in the AWU slush fund scandal are rumoured to have escalated with a complaint from the PM to Fairfax Media chief executive Greg Hywood over reporting of the matter by The Age’s editor-at-large Mark Baker.

Diary spoke with both Hywood and Baker about the claim of a complaint with very diplomatic responses. Hywood told Diary he could not possibly confirm or deny any conversation with the PM or her office, while Baker said simply: “I can’t talk about that.”

Of course, another way to deal with the reporting is simply to answer the questions"


I name this investigation SHREDDEREDMATE! What some in the ALP do to files that have the potential to get them all in the poo.



The Scandalous Heiner Affair

Actually, this by Piers is a timely reminder that the ALP are far from the champions of abused children they are now trying to paint themselves. How long before this Royal Commission of Gillards gets its arse around to investigating the shredding of Heiner rape case evidence by the ALP in QLD do you think? As it involves both Rudd and Quinton Bryce it's a tough call.

If it was only Rudd it'd be the meat in this sandwich but Bryce is involved so I'm betting Paul Howes house it doesn't get a mention.

I think all these files going missing is suss and needs to be investigated. A Royal Commission? Into ALP and union corruption and the theft of legal documents from government archives? I'll happily pay for one of them!

Talking very loosely of unions have you seen the latest in the line of workplace bullying union style? Beating up on Aussie workers doing Aussie jobs in small Aussie businesses no less. The stench from corruption in unions and the ALP as highlighted here on this blog is soul destroying. No wonder these Aussie working people (most likely people from average Aussie Working Families!) want nothing to do with any unions!


CFMEU defies court on death-threat dispute

Mark F

No I do not!

Unfortunately we must deal with her and the only way the ordinary person can do that is with their vote. She will role at the next election and so will her corrupt cohorts in the ALP, seat by seat. I'll put my bricks on it.

It will be interesting to see that if there was a vote of no confidence in Gillard or her government, that a brave ALP backbencher would stand and cross the floor in an attempt to save their own arse.

Okay, they'd be labeled as a dog and would lose Labor preselection as the incumbent sitting member, but they could still sit as an independent and with a wave of voter respect may see themselves with another term.

Its risky business, but far less so an the prize that awaits them at the ballot box. The gutless majority will do what their NSW cousins did and resign on mass at the end of term.

My bet is, someone with intestinal fortitude will lead the way.

The Realist of Queensland

A survey, the results of which I have only heard mention once on Channel Ten Saturday night news, of public trust and confidence in the three levels of government found that trust in the Federal government was the lowest of all and has fallen from 55% under Howard to 29% under Gillard.

Funnily enough I haven't seen it getting a run on the ABC. I think that 29% will be accurately reflected in Labor's primary vote come election time.


Unfortunately a lot of the 18-23 year olds, the ones who couldn't care less about the state of the nation, actually like her. She hands out the benefits to them. This is why I think compulsory voting should be banned. Most of them wouldn't get up on a Saturday anyway!

(self redacted)

Did you hear about the Government Department in Tasmania that claimed the Coroner had no transcripts!!!?

How stupid do they think people are?

Worth a try Mr.(self redacted)?

Just one of your many pathetic excuses Mr.(self redacted)?

What a shame it's all documented Mr.(self redacted)?


Adjunct to 12.06 Gavin H

"Diary hears Four Corners is investigating the story, the results of which we will now not see until next season
Something for the PM to look forward to"

Brad of Durack

The Eye-Ball Opinion takes the Sub-Prime Minister seriously. Check out how Julia Gillard has increased the budget by 466% for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet over the past two (2)years here.


These would be all staff under direct management of the Prime Minister’s office … that 2010 to 2012 figure of $39 million is a 55% increase over the 2010 number, and at a time when the GFC was still impacting. A time where budget restraint was a must given the expenditure being handed out to help the economy.

The increase since Gillard took over in Mar 2010 has been $132 million to $616 million at the end of the 2011-12 year – that is an increase of 466% in two years – what will it be this year.

There should be a Royal Commission into this as well … no other Department, Welfare, Health, Defence, or other big spending portfolio received any increases like the percentages the PM voted for herself and with Cabinet support.

This is a big deal and another one of the steaming toxic sh*t-piles coming out of Gillards (backyard would be better than the original term Brad) and will all be there for the Australian people to pick up the tab when she is done.

Liz of Vic

Thanks for your reassurance, made me feel,better.
The answer to your question is: 'NO'.


NO but some don't like Tony.

John Greyhair

Gillard takes Gillard seriously but then she is dillusional. "She is young and naive and has done nothing wrong". And I am the president of the Porcine Aviation club.


Michael, this morning my wife bought the current copy of Women's Weekly. The newsagent commented "you're the first to buy that today. When they had Julia Gillard's picture on the cover I only sold four or five copies! I hope they don't do that again". Amazing isn't it, how little things like that can give you hope!


I don't know anyone who likes her or takes her seriously, but I've met a lot of people who dont give her a second thought and are unaware of her dodgy past or proven incompetence for the position she currently holds.
There are a lot of ignorant uninformed people out there, and unfortunately many of them vote.

Dennis Thompson

Nobody that I know has any time for JEG.

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