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I love the can-do spirit of our readers.   How good, and well researched, is this letter from one of  our readers to the Immigration Department about John McTernan, written last Friday


23 November 2012


Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Attention: 457 Centre of Excellence

GPO Box 9984

Brisbane 4001


Dear Sir / Madam,


Regarding:  Mr John McTernan, Director of Communications
for the Prime Minister of Australia


I understand that Mr John McTernan is in Australia on a 457 Visa,

  • Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard
    Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), or,

  • Independent Executive Further Application
    Onshore (Subclass 457IEFAO)


I believe that Mr McTernan’s visa should be revoked for the following reasons:


  1. My understanding is that Mr McTernan was brought
    to Australia by the South Australian government as a “Thinker in
    Residence”.   In this role, Mr McTernan
    was to produce a report on ‘Public Service Efficiency’.

    To date, Mr McTernan’s report has not been released despite being due for
    release over one year ago,  in October
  2. According
    to a report in “The Australian” (30 Jul 2012), a South Australian government
    spokesman stated, “The time taken by Mr McTernan to finalise his report is
    consistent with timelines taken by other thinkers.” Accordingly, Mr McTernan’s
    position appears no more unique than other thinkers.

    Therefore, the position could be filled by an Australian citizen. The position
    does not require a 457 applicant.
  3. The
    Adelaide Thinkers in Residence, today advised me that the unreleased report is
    titled, “Are You Being Served – Toward More Responsive Public Services”.   They advise the report is still being
    edited. With the report in excess of one year overdue, and still being edited,
    my belief, therefore,  is that other
    writers are writing large sections of the report to cover for Mr McTernan’s
    lack of input.

    Once again demonstrating that an Australian citizen was suitable for Mr
    McTernan’s position.  It did not require
    a 457 applicant.
  4. The
    South Australian government is not disclosing to Australian or South Australian
    taxpayers the amount paid to Mr McTernan for a job they say cannot be filled by
    an Australian resident.  

    I believe it is in the public interest to advise taxpayers the total cost of
    importing a worker for a position that the South Australian government says
    cannot be filled by an Australian citizen.
  5. The
    South Australian government have not advised taxpayers the benefits and
    training imparted by Mr McTernan to other workers, part of the obligation of
    457 entry.
  6. The
    457 Visa scheme applies to Business, not to Government.
  7. About
    November 2011, Mr McTernan transferred employment to the Australian Federal
    Government as Director of Communications for the Prime Minister of Australia.
    He is on the public payroll funded by the Australian taxpayer. 

    However, he has publicly stated that he works for the Australian Labor Party, a
    private organisation. This is contrary to 457 rules and obligations, condition
  8. This
    position can also be filled by an Australian citizen. Indeed, similar positions
    have been filled by Australian’s during the reign of each government.   The Australian taxpayer , I believe, would
    prefer an Australian citizen to fill a senior role that influences the messages
    disseminated to the Australian population.
  9. As
    Communications Director, Mr McTernan is divisive for Australia. I believe he
    has breached point 6 of the Character Requirement (Fact Sheet 79), and is inciting
    “discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community”.  

    This is demonstrated by Mr McTernan advising our Prime Minister to pursue a
    ‘gender war’, extremely similar to one he wrote about for “The Telegraph” (UK 7
    Oct 2011), titled “Labour’s Reshuffle Gives David Cameron Even More Of A Woman
  10. Whilst
    writing that article, Mr McTernan was not working in the occupation in which he
    was nominated, in accordance with his Visa conditions.

    Indeed, he could have been completing the overdue ‘Public Service Efficiency’
  11. During
    October 2012, Mr McTernan travelled on a publicly funded trip with the Prime
    Minister to USA. Amongst other things, he met with President Obama’s polling
    team.  I doubt the knowledge he acquired
    was of use to the Australian taxpayer, however, it may be of use to the Australian
    Labor Party’s re-election strategy.  

    Again, this calls into question the division of his paid work, ie, Australian
    taxpayer, versus his stated employer – the Australian Labor Party.

    Additionally, this opportunity could have been used to instill skills into an
    Australian citizen.

  12. Mr McTernan does not meet the requirements
    of  the Independent Executive Further
    Application Onshore (Subclass 457IEFAO) visa.


I believe, Mr
McTernan’s 457 visa should never have been granted. He is divisive in the
community, and his role could be filled by an Australian citizen. Accordingly,
I request that Mr McTernan’s visa be immediately revoked.