What a unifying influence she has been
Well worth a read - Senator the Honourable George Brandis SC on The AWU Scandal

Matters to be covered to satisfy WA Incorporated Associations laws

A small point, but exceptionally important.

It goes to the nexus between legal advice on incorporation, and as a part of that process turning your mind to the setting up of bank accounts.

Justin said:                           

                                Mike, A point that has to be picked up on by the Opposition or media as of yet. Gillard claims she had no involvement in the setting up of the accounts of the association. Define "setting up"? I say this because Gillard admits to drafting the rules of the association. And Schedule 1, "Matters to be provided for in rules of an incorporated association ", Section 16, Point 9 requires rules detailing  "The manner in which the funds of the association are to be controlled." What did Gillard advise? Would seem to me advice on the control of the association funds would constitute involvement in the setting up of accounts. Chalk this up as another deliberate lie or red herring answer.