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Corruption all over the joint - but Julia did what Bruce wanted anyway

Put yourself in Julia Gillard's position

My grandmother always said "put yourself in the other person's shoes".

So I'll try to do that with Julia Gillard in the early days of the AWU Scandal.

She'd hooked up with Bruce Wilson.   Her firm was acting for the AWU.   She was a partner in Slater and Gordon.

One of the first real actions her firm was involved in was an action by a member of the union to get Bruce kicked out of his position as Victorian Branch Secretary.

And the reason that was at the heart of the action?   Well as you'll see in these court documents, the man who was previously the branch secretary, Bob Smith (the first Bob Smith, there was a different man who came after Wilson with the same name) was being investigated for dodgy financial dealings.

In light of that, can you believe that her anti-corruption-radar wouldn't have been on the lookout?  

Gillard knew all about dodgy accounts.   She was involved in this litigation.   Wouldn't you think she'd know the warning signs?  

Honestly, "darling, I need an incorporated entity called AWU something, don't send a bill, keep it secret, don't open a file, write to the corporate affairs commissioner and convince him it's not dodgy.   Then when I get sprung, don't dob me in will you".


Here's Bruce Wilson's affidavit (sworn in Brisbane before Bill LUDWIG's lawyer)

Download Bruce Wilson Affidavit bob smith one 

Here's Bruce Wilson's letter to the man who brought the action, it was an exhibit in his affidavit, he clearly knew all about fraud.  

Download Bruce Wilson letter to PALMA 

And this is the "shit sheet" that set out some in the union's view of Wilson.   This was released at about the time that Wilson asked Gillard to incorporate the AWU-WRA.   She only has herself to blame.   Keep in mind she later sued other union members who tried to hold Blewitt to account.

Download Bruce wilson bob smith one shit sheet